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GERMAN FINANCE WARNING: Economy growth expectations missed as imports outweigh exports

GERMANY'S growth missed expectations in the second quarter of 2017, as experts warned of a slowdown in economy expansion later this year.
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Alemania, China e Irán condenan "amenazas" de Donald Trump contra Venezuela

El Ejecutivo alemán Steffen Seibert. Pidió el “regreso del orden democrático” para Venezuela, en ese sentido, criticó las acciones del presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro, al alejar al país del Estado de Derecho y la democracia.
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Trade growth faltering in Germany and China

Two of the world's biggest trading nations saw both exports and imports cooling lately. While Chinese trade growth in July slowed significantly compared with June, German exporters even suffered a surprise decline.
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Francia y Alemania, los países de la UE que ponen más trabas a las exportaciones

Un 17% de las compañías nacionales encuentra obstáculos para vender mercancías en Europa
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Oettinger: UK to keep paying EU until 2020 despite Brexit

The UK would have to honor its financial commitments to the EU until "at least 2020," despite Brexit, the EU's budget chief told the German newspaper Bild. The EU is mulling reforms to compensate for Britain's absence.
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German industrial output drops unexpectedly

Seasonal factors have caused a decline in Germany's industrial output, official figures show. But economic experts are in agreement that the general upward trend in Europe's powerhouse in not in jeopardy.
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Deutsche Bank foresees 4,000 UK jobs to be shifted to the EU after Brexit

Insiders suggest the German bank will move jobs away from the City of London to Frankfurt and Berlin
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Dieselgate: the cozy ties between Germany's car industry and Berlin exposed

Even in the quiet summer months, Dieselgate and whispers of industry collusion loom large. Critics say Berlin should end its close friendship with carmakers. Both sides are currently holding a much-anticipated summit.
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Sanciones de EE. UU. a Rusia son ilegales, insiste Alemania

Alemania considera correcto que la Comisión Europea analice posibles sanciones contra EE. UU., dijo la ministra de Economía, Brigitte Zypries.
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Foco na exportação de frutas para Alemanha

Estratégia da Apex é ampliar os embarques em mercados já atendidos e tentar diversificar venda
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German media groups to form data alliance

A group of German television and internet companies are poised to create a joint data alliance meant to be a counterweight to dominant US players such as Google and Facebook. It's looking for more partners to join.
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GERMAN CAR CRISIS: Merkel's nightmare as diesel ban to see thousands of jobs LOST

THOUSANDS of German jobs are at risk amid a global push to switch from petrol and diesel cars to zero-emission vehicles, an investment expert has warned.
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Cártel del automóvil: calma en América Latina

En Alemania, el escándalo es grande por la sospecha de que cinco fabricantes de coches pueden haber formado un cártel, además del "dieselgate". En América Latina, la cosa se toma con más calma. DW habló con expertos.
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German exports to Russia forecast to grow by 20% in 2017

The Eastern Committee of the German Economy expects growth in exports to Russia to double this year despite all the political and economic hurdles. It also opposes new US sanctions against Russia, saying they will hurt German businesses.
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German business lobby urges EU action against new US sanctions on Russia

A US move to expand sanctions against Russia may have an adverse impact on Europe’s energy security, hurt the German economy, and appears to favor American firms, says Volker Treier, chief economist at the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).
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Biz confidence in German boardrooms at record high

The latest reading of a monthly index by Germany's Ifo research institute shows the mood among German executives has never been better in decades. Expectations are high, but the situation may change rapidly.
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Organic farming reaches record level in Germany

Increasing numbers of German farmers are relying on organic production, with 7.5 percent of all arable land now cultivated ecologically. The government has set its sights on an ambitious target of 20 percent.
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Franco-German cooperation focuses on EU reforms, defense, enterprise and education

Defense, enterprise and education head the list for joint measures after the Franco-German Ministerial Council meeting in Paris. The two countries' leaders are developing closer cooperation as they look to EU reforms
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China concerned about German rules tightening foreign takeovers

China hopes that Germany and the European Union (EU) are free from the distraction of protectionism, and avoid releasing confused and negative signals, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said Friday. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino