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India’s Top Court Suspends Farm Laws, in a Blow to Modi’s Ambitions

The bid to overhaul the troubled agricultural sector had led to huge protests by farmers, who feared the new, market-oriented rules would hurt their livelihoods.
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Peru farmers lift roadblock protests over police violence for govt talks

Peruvian government officials sat down to talks Friday with representatives of farm workers who had blockaded a highway to protest the deaths of three people in clashes with police.
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India farmers’ protests: Gov’t resumes talks with farmers

Second day of talks aims to break an impasse over laws passed earlier this year that farmers say will benefit corporations.
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Angry Farmers Choke India’s Capital in Giant Demonstrations

Tens of thousands have arrived in tractors and trailers, many traveling hundreds of miles, to block roads into New Delhi and protest recently passed pro-market agricultural policies. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino