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Afghanistan’s Ashraf Ghani Defends His Decision to Escape, Says He Is a Scapegoat

13:58 - Breaking a four-month silence, former Afghan president says he regrets being too accommodating to U.S.
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Afghan women call for rights, protest alleged Taliban killings

14:08 - Protesters say former soldiers and ex-employees of the overthrown government are ‘under direct threat’.
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Congelamento de fundos afegãos pelos EUA agrava miséria no país

19:26 - Sanções da Casa Branca contra o Talibã produzem uma das maiores contrações econômicas da História e fome se generaliza
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Pressure grows for Biden to ease sanctions as hunger, poverty soar in Afghanistan

The Biden administration is facing mounting pressure from lawmakers, aid groups and former officials to restart the flow of billions of dollars in aid and cash to Afghanistan, where a humanitarian crisis is growing increasingly perilous.
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Biden Administration Considers Sending Ukraine Military Equipment Once Bound for Afghanistan

14:27 - Ukraine has sought the helicopters and other military equipment to deter Russia, though White House hasn’t approved the plan as it seeks diplomacy
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Iran Steps Up Deportations of Afghans Trying to Flee Taliban and Poverty

A record number of expulsions add to tension on the Iranian-Afghan border months after the collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Kabul
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La UE se compromete a acoger a 37.000 refugiados afganos

18:09 - España dará cobijo a 2.500 personas, cifra que incluye a los 1.900 que ya han llegado, y Alemania a 25.000, mientras el ala dura del bloque comunitario no dará protección a nadie
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Taliban bans forced marriage of women in Afghanistan

13:24 - Taliban chief in a decree says women should not be considered ‘property’ and must consent to marriage.
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Tres países de los Balcanes cortejan a Estados Unidos con la acogida de refugiados afganos

Albania, Macedonia del Norte y Kosovo se apresuran a ofrecer ayuda a Washington y a la OTAN cuando se complica su futuro en la UE
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Afghanistan’s Shiite Minority Cautiously Embraces Taliban Rule, Seeking Protection

07:30 - Shiite Taliban fighters now patrol Yakawlang, the site of past atrocities committed by the country’s rulers
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EEUU, China y Rusia discuten el encaje de los talibán

14:28 - Los representantes de las principales potencias acuden a Pakistán para ver qué contacto pueden establecer con el régimen talibán en la primera visita oficial de los extremistas
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India hosts talks on Afghanistan, but no Afghan official invited

India’s archrival Pakistan and China also declined to attend the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan.
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Paquistão impede afegãos com visto humanitário de viajar para o Brasil

17:51 - Dezenas de pessoas estão sendo barradas após país mudar política sobre entradas irregulares
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Los talibanes bloquean la actividad de las trabajadoras humanitarias en Afganistán

14:37 - La organización de derechos Human Rights Watch denuncia que las limitaciones de los fundamentalistas están agravando la crisis humana en el país asiático
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Islamic State Attack on Kabul Military Hospital Kills at Least 23

15:28 - Islamic State militants stormed Afghanistan’s main military hospital, now housing injured Taliban fighters and veterans of the former Afghan military, and killed at least 23 people in the latest eruption of violence since the country’s U.S.-backed government collapsed in mid-August.
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China, Rusia y EE.UU. militarizan la frontera de Tayikistán con Afganistán

Pekín abre una nueva base en territorio tayiko frente al corredor afgano que conduce a Xinjiang
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Terror Groups in Afghanistan Could Be Ready to Attack West in 6 Months, U.S. Says

Top Pentagon official tells senators that Islamic State wants to launch attacks; unclear if Taliban can counter the threat
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Russian Military Drills Near Afghan Border Deliver Warning to Extremists

Moscow and Russia’s Central Asian neighbors signal an intention to prevent terrorism, ethnic tensions from spilling into their backyard
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U.S., Allies Try to Move Beyond Disputes Over Afghanistan, Submarine Contract

18:15 - NATO defense ministers focus on Russia and future threats, not the messy Afghanistan pullout or the Australian submarine deal
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U.S. Launches More Investigations Into Biden Administration’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

17:50 - Inspectors general from Homeland Security, State, Pentagon, Health and Human Services, and USAID are examining American pullout and evacuation es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino