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Vinos uruguayos: competencia en Brasil es el gran desafío del acuerdo con Unión Europea

Bodegas nacionales están en alerta ante la llegada de más vinos europeos al gigante norteño, destino al que vende el 50% de su exportación. Productores del sector matizan el posible efecto del tratado en el mercado doméstico
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Empresarios piden que Paraguay siga apostando al acuerdo UE-Mercosur

Paraguay debe seguir apostando al acuerdo Mercosur-UE, a pesar del anuncio hecho desde el Parlamento francés, de que votaría en contra, dijo Carlos Jorge Biedermann, de la CAP.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Mercados John Ainger

World's First 30-Year Bond With Zero Coupon Flops in Germany

The world’s first 30-year bond offering a zero coupon struggled to find buyers, signaling that negative yields across Europe may finally be taking their toll on investor demand.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Mercados Patrick Gillespie

Argentina Traders Try to Make Sense of Kirchner's Back Seat Run

Argentina investors grappled to understand whether a surprise announcement by former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner that she would run for vice president rather than for the top job was good or bad for markets.
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Mercados Paul McNamara

EM currency falls bring big opportunities for investors

Emerging market crises in recent years have been mostly confined to small, marginal countries such as Belize and Jamaica. But last year saw trouble for two heavy-hitters. First, Turkey’s lira fell sharply as a credit-fuelled construction bubble turned to bust, then Argentina’s peso collapsed amid excessive foreign debt and soaring inflation.
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Germany's Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank end merger talks

Germany's two largest lenders have called off any further discussions about a merger. Berlin had promoted the idea of creating a banking "champion" capable of supporting Germany's export-orientated economy.
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos Mercados Stanley Reed

Chevron to Acquire Anadarko Petroleum for $33 Billion

Chevron, the American oil giant, announced on Friday a $33 billion deal to acquire Anadarko Petroleum, a medium-size United States company with domestic and international oil and gas fields.
Economía Folha de Sao Paulo - Brasil Mercados Tássia Kastner

Otimismo leva Bolsa a superar 94 mil pontos

Expectativa de reforma da Previdência impulsiona ações, na contramão do exterior, que tem dia negativo; dólar cai a R$ 3,70
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Brasil é favorito entre emergentes, aponta Citi

Pesquisa trimestral de renda fixa do Citi sobre alocação em mercados emergentes mostra o Brasil como o mercado favorito para investimentos, no topo das indicações `overweight` (acima da média do mercado).
Economía The Independent - Reino Unido Mercados Clark Mindock

Miracle on Wall Street: Stock market stages post-Christmas comeback as Dow makes biggest one-day gain ever

The surge followed after the worst Christmas Eve losses in history — and as the US endures a government shutdown
Economía The Guardian - Reino Unido Mercados Richard Partington

Pound rallies despite new Brexit turmoil

Markets assume Theresa May can survive confidence vote and cut risk of a no-deal Brexit leader
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Europa sotto la parità in attesa del G20, spread stabile in area 290

Borse europee sotto la parità, dopo che ieri sera i verbali dell'ultima riunione della Federal Reserve hanno confermato un approccio più prudente da parte dell'istituto centrale Usa sul previsto rialzo dei tassi di interesse e in attesa di notizie dal G20 che si riunisce oggi e domani a Buenos Aires con al cnentro .
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Asian and European Stocks Drop, Following Wall Street’s Lead

HONG KONG — A sell-off in high-flying technology stocks like Google, Apple and Amazon in the United States spilled over to Asia and Europe on Tuesday, sending markets broadly lower.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Mercados Luke Kawa

Wall Street Calls Time Out on U.S. Dollar's Big Resurgence

14/05/18 - 16:25 - The U.S. dollar’s resurgence is running on fumes.
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Goldman Sachs, que criou os Brics, volta a apostar tudo nos emergentes

No enunciado do `Wall Street Journal` para as apostas do banco de investimentos, `Negócios Top de 2018 do Goldman Sachs: É tudo sobre mercados emergentes`.
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Aggreko's shares plunge as orders slump

Shares of Aggreko, the world's largest temporary power provider, slumped more than 11 percent on Tuesday after the company said orders at its unit that installs and operates power plants fell by more than a third. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino