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How coronavirus is deepening American inequality

16:51 - In March, Madonna posted (and then deleted) a video of herself in a milk bath dusted with rose petals calling the global coronavirus pandemic the "great equalizer."
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The Trump administration's response to coronavirus could make the recession worse

14:59 - President Donald Trump has not fully shut down the American economy out of fear it will deal a devastating financial blow. But that reluctance could ultimately exacerbate the economic pain of the coronavirus pandemic.
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‘A queda da economia global será a maior já vista’, diz ex-economista-chefe do FMI

Kenneth Rogoff defende gastos públicos para ajudar empresas e cidadãos a enfrentar a maior crise de saúde em cem anos
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How Economists, Too, Are Taking On the Coronavirus Crisis

Ernesto Stein, an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank, normally spends his time thinking about industrial policy in Latin America. But the coronavirus pandemic brings steep economic challenges, affecting consumption, production and investment and employment. And economic policy will, to a large extent, shape society’s resilience to the emergency and what lies beyond.
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Moscow and Riyadh are ‘very, very close’ to an oil deal, says Russia’s sovereign wealth fund chief

The deal will bring “so much important stability to the market” and the two sides are “very close,” said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF. A virtual meeting between OPEC and its allies was scheduled to happen on Monday, but is now “likely” to take place on Thursday instead, sources told CNBC.
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Câmara aprova em 2º turno texto-base da PEC do Orçamento de Guerra

21:29 - O plenário tinha aprovado por 505 contra 2 votos a proposta, em primeiro turno
Economía Reuters Economía Internacional Cate Cadell

With over a million coronavirus cases, economic freefall looms

16:58 - Global cases of the new coronavirus have shot past 1 million with more than 53,000 fatalities, a Reuters tally showed on Friday, as death tolls soared in the United States and western Europe while the world economy nosedived.
Economía Reuters Economía Internacional Rajendra Jadhav

Coronavirus upends global food supply chains in latest economic shock

15:29 - In the fertile Satara district in western India, farmers are putting their cattle on an unorthodox diet: Some feed iceberg lettuce to buffalo. Others feed strawberries to cows.
Economía Corriere della Sera - Italia Economía Internacional Francesca Basso

Stampare moneta, un mito da sfatare o la soluzione al debito pubblico?

12:56 - Attualmente, a causa dell’enorme crisi economica scatenata dal diffondersi del coronavirus, Bruxelles ha sospeso il Patto di Stabilità e crescita, quindi i Paesi dell’Eurozona posso indebitarsi senza vincoli. Ma è proprio così?
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Here is how we can recover from coronavirus without resorting to economic austerity

A post Brexit UK needs to emerge from this economically strong ,which will require some brave decisions on the part of government. We must ensure that the medicine is not worse than the disease, while people’s attention is now primarily on health and survival, it will very soon turn to jobs and wealth (or poverty).
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Coronavirus: India's bailout may not be enough to save economy

"No-one will be allowed to go hungry," Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said while announcing the package - a combination of direct cash transfer benefits and food security measures. India's growth engine was actually sputtering well before the threat of outbreak arrived. Once one of the fastest growing economies in the world, its growth slowed to 4.7% last year - the slowest level in six years.
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World Bank Approves Initial $1.9 Bln in Emergency Coronavirus Funds

17:30 - The World Bank on Thursday said it had approved an initial $1.9 billion in emergency funds for coronavirus response operations in 25 developing countries, with more than half the aid earmarked to help fight the fast-spreading disease in India.
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Benedict Mander

Argentina postpones debt restructuring deadline

Economy minister says talks with creditors are delayed due to impact of coronavirus spread
Economía El País - España Economía Internacional Manuel V. Gómez

La crisis del coronavirus provoca la pérdida de 900.000 empleos desde el inicio del estado de alarma

Los efectos de la Covid-19 dan un golpe sin precedentes al mercado laboral y elevan la cifra de parados a 3,5 millones
Economía The Wall Street Journal - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Juan Forero

In Developing World, Coronavirus Slams Workers in Informal Economy

Hundreds of millions of workers and self-employed service providers form a vast informal economy, from India to Africa to South America. Most have no access to unemployment insurance or much in the way of savings
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EU pledges €100 billion scheme for workers facing pay cuts

EU states can soon apply for funding to help workers facing shorter hours during the coronavirus pandemic. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's "Sure" scheme hopes to prevent large-scale layoffs.
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BCIE aún no responde a peticiones de fondos de gobiernos

14:13 - Funcionarios del gobierno señalan cierta lentitud, aunque el BCIE dice que esta semana se aprueban primeras solicitudes
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Putin y Trump discuten la pandemia y los precios del petróleo

30/03 - 12:35 - Los presidentes ruso y estadounidense Vladímir Putin y Donald Trump mantuvieron una larga conversación telefónica y discutieron la lucha contra la pandemia del coronavirus y la situación en el mercado petrolero, informó el servicio de prensa del Kremlin. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino