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Argentina Reuters Agronegocios Hugh Bronstein

Argentine drought-hit soy crop seen collapsing to 40 mln tonnes

15/03/2018 22:22 - Argentina’s Rosario Grains Exchange slashed 14 percent off its forecast for the country’s soy crop on Thursday, saying a drought now in its fourth month would limit the harvest to 40 million tonnes versus its previous estimate of 46.5 million.
Economía Reuters Agronegocios

U.S. corn sales break records, but will demand stay healthy?

U.S. corn merchants have sold in excess of 650 million bushels since early January, shockingly more than usual for any time of year, and the demand prospects continue to look good as of mid-March with the U.S. product plentiful and attractively priced.
Argentina Reuters Agronegocios Hugh Bronstein

Argentine soy scorched beyond return, season 'dead': experts

12/03/2018 16:32 - Hope has withered for any recovery in Argentine soy yields hit by a four-month drought that shows no signs of abating, farmers and analysts said on Monday, prompting China to step in to fill the gap in soymeal exports from the world’s No. 1 supplier.
Economía Atlas Info - Francia Agronegocios

Le Qatar aspire à promouvoir les importations des produits agricoles marocains

Le Qatar aspire à promouvoir les importations des produits agricoles marocains, a affirmé lundi à Rabat, le ministre qatari de la municipalité et de l'environnement, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi.
Economía L'Économiste - Marruecos Agronegocios Abdelaziz Ghoubi

Petits fruits rouges: L’imbattable moteur à l’export

3 milliards de DH de chiffre d’affaires dont 90% sur les marchés extérieurs. La valorisation touche toute la chaîne de valeur. Le périmètre du Loukkos concentre les 4/5e de la production.
Argentina El País - Uruguay Agronegocios

Soja Argentina: bajan estimaciones a 42 millones de toneladas

La Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires recortó la cosecha en un millón de toneladas.
Argentina Reuters Agronegocios Maximilian Heath

As drought bakes Argentina soy and corn, wheat outlook improves

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Rains expected from late March in Argentina should enable farmers to start planting the 2018/19 wheat crop in normal conditions, though the moisture will arrive too late to benefit the parched soy and corn crops.
Argentina Xinhua - China Agronegocios Victoria Arguello

ESPECIAL: Sequía en Argentina reduce perspectivas en producción de soya

La sequía en campos de Argentina ha reducido en menos de 15 días las estimaciones de producción de soya, que hoy domingo amanecieron en 44 millones de toneladas para el ciclo 2017-2018.
Argentina Financial Times - Reino Unido Agronegocios

Soyabean crop blow puts farmers and hedge funds on alert

Severe lack of rain in Argentina’s soyabean belt has damaged the commodity. Argentina is the world’s biggest exporter of soyabean meal.
Argentina Reuters Agronegocios

U.S. to stay stuffed with soybeans despite Argentine losses: Braun

28/02 - The soy complex may be rallying on the Chicago Board of Trade, but the outlook for U.S. supply retains its bearish feel, despite significant losses to Argentina’s soybean crop amid parched conditions.
Argentina Reuters Agronegocios Hugh Bronstein

Bunge's coveted Argentina plants lure ADM takeover approach

On the banks of the Parana River, machines hum 24 hours a day in Argentina’s grain ports, churning out soy-based animal feed and shooting it straight into the hulls of ships bound for buyers worldwide.
Economía El Observador - Uruguay Agronegocios

Frigoríficos paraguayos suspendidos para exportar carne vacuna a Chile

La medida alcanzó a por lo menos cinco plantas, hay tres con la medida pendiente y solo quedaron dos habilitadas
Argentina Il sole 24 hore - Italia Agronegocios Sissi Bellomo

Più petrolio, meno soia. Usa al tramonto come potenza agricola

La supremazia nel mais per ora resiste, ma il dipartimento dell’Agricoltura (Usda) avverte che la quota americana sul mercato globale è insidiata dai produttori latinoamericani (non solo il Brasile, ma anche l’Argentina)  e dall’Ucraina, al punto che nel giro di dieci anni rischia di scendere sotto il 30%. Ora è già scesa sotto il 40%, dal 70% di trent’anni fa.
Economía Folha de Sao Paulo - Brasil Agronegocios

Brasil pode virar líder mundial em soja em 2019

O Brasil poderá ultrapassar os Estados Unidos na produção de soja já em 2019 e tornar-se o líder mundial na oferta da oleaginosa.
Argentina Reuters Agronegocios Maximiliano Rizzi

Exclusive: Argentine farmers, seed companies strike royalties deal

Argentine farmers have agreed to pay perpetual royalties when they replant genetically modified seeds made by companies like Monsanto Co, two industry groups told Reuters, a deal that could allow farmers access to the newest biotechnology.
Argentina Valor Econômico - Brasil Agronegocios Fernando Lopes

Seca na Argentina motiva alta de grãos e ´destrava´ o mercado de soja no Brasil

Commodities Na bolsa de Chicago, as apostas cios especuladores apontam para novas valorizações
Argentina El Deber - Bolivia Agronegocios

El 79% de la importación de cereales provino de Argentina

17/02 - En los últimos 10 años, las exportaciones de cereales del país acumularon 1.028 millones de dólares.
Economía Cambio - Bolivia Agronegocios Franz Acarapi

Bolivia se consolida como un exportador neto de cereales

16/02 - En los últimos 10 años, el país logró consolidarse como exportador neto de cereales, y en ese periodo (2008-2017) comercializó al mercado externo un valor de $us 1.028 millones, mientras que importó $us 720 millones, con un saldo comercial positivo de $us 308 millones. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino