Russian Experts Resume Search for Missing Argentinian Submarine

Russian Experts Resume Search for Missing Argentinian Submarine

The Russian Navy's experts have resumed the examination of the area of missing Argentine submarine San Juan with the use of Pantera Plus submersible after a short suspension caused by foul weather.

The Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper, affiliated with the Russian Defense Ministry, reported on Wednesday that the Russian specialists had examined three sites of bottom relief anomalies at the depth ranging from 459 to 2251 feet from the board of the Argentine Navy’s Islas Malvinas vessel with the use of Pantera Plus submersible.

The newspaper added that a sunken LU RONG YAUN YU 896 fishing trawler had been found in one of the search areas.

So far, Pantera Plus submersible has carried out 15 dives at the depths between 443 and 3445 feet, according to the ministry-linked media outlet.

The ARA San Juan with its crew of 44 stopped communicating on November 15 during a routine patrol in the South Atlantic off the coast of Argentina. A large-scale search and rescue operation was subsequently launched, involving vessels and equipment from various countries.

On November 30, the Argentine Navy announced the end of its rescue activities, but specified that the mission to locate the vessel was still ongoing. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino