Argentina Eases Travel Curbs as Midterm Campaign Ramps Up

Argentina Eases Travel Curbs as Midterm Campaign Ramps Up

10:27 - Argentina’s government is significantly lifting travel and social restrictions from the pandemic as it seeks to boost the economy and recover voter support ahead of midterm elections in November.

Foreigners will be allowed to enter the country starting Nov. 1 without quarantining, as long as they comply with protocols. Facemasks are no longer required for individuals who are alone in open-air settings, and social gatherings have no restrictions. Offices and stores can go back to 100% capacity with facemasks indoors, and nightclubs can bring capacity up to 50%.

It’s a major turnaround from a year ago in Argentina, when President Alberto Fernandez implemented one of the world’s strictest lockdowns. Even as recently as June, his administration only allowed 600 people per day to enter the country on international flights.

“We’re going through the last stage of the pandemic,” said newly appointed Cabinet Chief Juan Manzur at a press conference Tuesday with Health Minister Carla Vizzotti.

Fernandez is trying to win back voters before the Nov. 14 general midterm vote. His ruling coalition suffered a damaging loss in the Sept. 12 primary vote that exposed a political divide with Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The president overhauled his cabinet Friday, and economic measures to boost consumer spending are also expected in the coming days.