They won't give up! Desperate Argentina to beg UN to intervene in Falkland Islands row

They won't give up! Desperate Argentina to beg UN to intervene in Falkland Islands row

22/06 ARGENTINA'S authorities have travelled to the UN headquarters in New York to fight for their sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

The UK has always stood firm against the UN's resolutions that propose a dialogue between the two countries. Despite this Argentine officials Felipe Solá and Daniel Filmus will be present their arguments this Thursday in New York. The officials will attempt to obtain support from the 29 members of the UN's "Decolonization Committee".

Daniel Filmus, Argentine Foreign Ministry official for the Secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic, told the news site Infobae: “We hope that many countries will intervene in the session expressing their support for our position.

"Representatives of international organisations such as CELAC, Mercosur, and the Group of 77 and others will speak."

The Board of Directors of the United Nations Special Committee for Decolonization unanimously ratified its “support for the resumption of negotiations between Argentina and the United Kingdom to find a peaceful solution to the controversy of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands."

The resolution was released on February 11 of this year but ignored by the UK.

The UN Committee is set to debate a resolution in which it calls on Argentina and the United Kingdom to peacefully resolve the Argentine claim on the sovereignty of the islands.

The consistent position of the UK is to defend the "self-determination" that the islanders have.

In August 2020 the UN committee "for decolonisation", had already ruled favourably towards Argentina's position.

Last February 11, the members of the Decolonisation Committee Bureau said that it “reaffirmed their support for the mission of Good Offices entrusted to the Secretary-General of the United Nations through resolution 37/9 of 1982.