No more China! Brexit Britain must replace China with India as it reassesses global trade

No more China! Brexit Britain must replace China with India as it reassesses global trade

BREXIT BRITAIN must reassess its reliance on China and look towards India and other nations.

Senior Fellow at think tank Centre for Brexit Policy and economist Catherine Mcbride insisted the UK should move away from China and look towards India for manufacturing needs. During an interview with, she argued the pandemic has shown the issue of relying too heavily on one nation, like China. She insisted Britain is on its way to striking trade deals with crucial global nations and must widen its scope as an independent nation.

Ms Mcbride said: "India has enormous potential for the UK.

"It has 22 languages, yet the majority of its population, 1.4 billion people speak English.

"This is another area where we can do a lot of surface trade."

"They are already working on a formalised agreement with India, that is going to include education and defence a host of other things."

The economist then outlined the ways in which India can replace China in Britain's manufacturing needs.

"India also has the ability to replace a lot of the manufacturing that we are presently getting from China, especially in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

"This is important because I think we all discovered when the pandemic broke out how relying on one single supplier can be a disaster if there is some outbreak that prevents free-flowing trade.

"Obviously the Trans-Pacific Partnership otherwise known as the Comprehensive and Progressive agreement is going to be huge as well.

"Now in this, a lot of the countries involved we have already got trade deals with.

"We have a deal with Japan and Canada but other countries like Australia and New Zealand we don't have trade deals with.

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership would be a chance to put all of these trade deals on a more bespoke footing for the UK market.

Ms Mcbride also insisted the UK should not focus on Europe going forward and claimed Europe is "yesterday's news."

Ms Mcbride said: "I really don't think Brexit Britain should be bothering to try and outshine the EU.

"We are not in competition with each other.

"The world has moved on, the EU is just yesterday's news.

"The countries we should be looking towards are those in Asian areas, where things are growing ahead the rest of the world.

"South America is still up and coming and Africa has massive potential and is something the UK should be spending a lot more time on."