AMBASSADOR OF the Argentine Republic

AMBASSADOR OF the Argentine Republic

AMBASSADOR OF the Argentine Republic Mariano Caucino and his wife, Barbara, live in a beautiful residence in Herzliya Pituah. The spacious living room leads on to a large terrace and an even larger garden, but when close to 300 people congregate there to celebrate the national day of Argentina, it becomes somewhat crowded. That was the case last week when, in addition to the regular speeches by the ambassador and Social Equality Minister Gila Gamliel, there was also a recording of Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri sending greetings to those of his fellow countrymen and women who live in Israel.

There was also a ceremony in honor of internationally known economist Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, who currently chairs the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education. Trajtenberg was born in Cordoba, Argentina, and current Foreign Minister of Argentina Jorge Faurie thought that this particular native son was deserving of a special citation, which was presented to Trajtenberg by the ambassador.

Caucino said that under the new national authority, Argentina has developed into a peaceful, democratic and pluralistic nation. He characterized the current period as “one of the best and most productive times in relations with Israel.” He also noted that this is the 70th anniversary year of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Argentina and Israel, saying that Argentina was the first Latin American country to send an ambassador to Israel, in the person of Pablo Manguel, a leader of the Argentine Jewish community. He also emphasized that Argentina has the largest Jewish community in Latin America and the sixth largest in the world outside of Israel.

Both Caucino and Gamliel, in their respective addresses, spoke of the bombing of the Israel Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992, and of the AMIA building, which was the umbrella headquarters of the Jewish organizations in Argentina in 1994. A total of 114 people were killed in the two explosions and more than 550 people were wounded.

Caucino spoke of honoring the memories of the victims, adding that Argentina will continue to press the Iranian government to cooperate in the investigation. Gamliel expressed the hope that after so many years, the investigation will finally be completed. Though it is known that Iran was behind the bombings, no one has actually been charged. Gamliel stated that Iran continues to represent a threat to the world through its support for terrorist organizations. She also related to the increase of antisemitic attacks against Jewish people and their institutions, and said that unfortunately this is also happening in Argentina.

During the previous week, in honor of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Argentina and Israel, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai lit up the front of city hall with the flags of both countries