'NO fear to move to WTO terms!' Brexiteer reassures Government is READY for all outcomes

'NO fear to move to WTO terms!' Brexiteer reassures Government is READY for all outcomes

14/12/17 - 11:32 - TORY BREXITEER Owen Paterson said the Government has “no fear” to trade under WTO terms with the EU should Theresa May fail to agree a trade deal.

Tory MP Owen Paterson told MPs in Parliament today he hopes Prime Minister will come back from Brussels with an agreement on a trade deal with zero tariffs. 

The MP for North Shropshire asked David Davis to agree with him on having a trade deal with the EU which is “better than WTO terms”.

He said: “We hope that Theresa May agrees on a reciprocate trade deal with zero tariffs."

Mr Paterson added: “The bar for success is that the deal has to be better than WTO terms, the terms on which we trade with huge parts of the rest of the world and other very large economies.

“Should they be unwise enough not to grant reciprocate trade with zero tariffs, we will move to WTO terms and the Government has no fear because they will have taken all the contingency measures.”

The Brexit Secretary of State said Theresa May has been very clear that a no deal would be better than a bad deal.

Mr Davis said: “A bad deal would be anything worse than the WTO terms.

“And of course we continue to prepare for all outcomes, all outcomes, because you can never be 100 per cent sure in the negotiations of the outcome will be.”

Today the Prime Minister arrived in Brussels to start the second phase of the Brexit negotiations.

Ahead of a dinner in the Belgian capital, the Prime Minister will try to convince the EU27 leaders to agree to move on to future trade discussions in a bid to offer more certainty to businesses concerned about the implications of Brexit.

Mrs May clinched a last-gasp Brexit agreement on Friday after a week of tense negotiations, which saw the Prime Minister backed into a corner as she tried to work out a deal agreeable to her DUP Westminster allies, the Irish government and EU chiefs.

Despite successfully agreeing on a deal which meant “sufficient progress” had been made to allow Brexit talks to move on to the next phase, Mrs May received no respite from political infighting in Westminster as the Government suffered its first defeat over the EU Withdrawal Bill.

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