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New US ambassador wants results in Moscow

Next month, Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan will take up his new post as ambassador to Russia. Though 2020 might be the Trump administration's final year, Sullivan has significant ambitions anyway.
Política Washington Examiner - Estados Unidos Joel Gehrke

Pompeo dismisses Turkey’s call for missile defense system working group

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo isn’t interested in forming a “technical working group” to discuss whether Turkey’s purchase of major Russian weaponry could endanger Western militaries.
Política Washington Examiner - Estados Unidos Política Internacional David M. Drucker

Republicans are desperate to avoid shutdown but fear crossing Trump

Republicans in the Senate are desperate to avoid another debilitating government shutdown but dread crossing President Trump on immigration, fearing a break with the White House could boomerang against them with the conservative base in 2020.
Economía Washington Examiner - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Colin Wilhelm

Trump weighs canceling NAFTA to force hand of Democrats on trade

President Trump and his advisers are weighing whether to cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement to force through his revised trade deal, a strong-arm tactic that would present Congress — and resistant Democrats — with the stark choice of assent or disarray.
Cancillería Washington Examiner - Estados Unidos Energía John Siciliano

Saudi Arabia renews nuclear energy ties with Argentina as pressure over Khashoggi rises

Saudi Arabia held discussions with Argentina on nuclear energy development Wednesday, a sign the kingdom is moving closer to other countries on energy cooperation as ties with the U.S. grow strained over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Economía Washington Examiner - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Sean Higgins

Canada trade talks fizzle, Trump moves on Mexico-only deal

31/08/18 - 17:06 - The Trump administration and Canada failed to come to an agreement on the president's bilateral trade deal with Mexico Friday, prompting the White House to say it would submit the deal to Congress anyway.
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