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America cannot insist on military help from Nato

The United States may ask Nato allies to help out if its airbase in Guam comes under attack from North Korea but cannot insist on it.

However, the treaty limits the territory to which Article 5 applies to North America, Europe and islands in the north Atlantic that are under the jurisdiction of member states. That limitation prevented Britain from seeking to invoke Article 5 over the invasion of the Falklands by Argentina in 1982.

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Maduro seeks ‘kangaroo’ courts where anyone can go on trial in Venezuela

President Maduro’s government is establishing a “truth commission” that critics warn will be used as a kangaroo court to persecute the opposition.
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President Maduro sends troops to protect Venezuela’s sham assembly from protesters

Venezuelan troops seized part of the country’s parliament building yesterday as President Maduro prepared to install a new assembly elected in a widely condemned vote on Sunday.
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Rachel Sylvester

It’s still Europe that could rip the Tories apart

The ideological splits over Brexit are so profound that senior figures in the party talk of ‘poison’ and a ‘Biblical curse’
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Tribunal ruling gives Burford $140m windfall in Argentina airlines case

A tribunal has ordered Argentina to pay $324 million in damages for taking control of an airline illegally.
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The government starts to get real on Europe

All governments have their wobbles. Before the big one at the end of her premiership, Margaret Thatcher had wobbled in 1981-2, in the period between Geoffrey Howe’s austerity budget and the Falklands War, a time that also included serious riots in English cities. She survived through grim determination and cunning, helped by a divided opposition and victory over Argentina.
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Sensational tango moves dovetail neatly with the melodrama and strong singing in this dark yet entertaining musical

This narrative-based tango dance production is in good shape, especially when you consider that it premiered in Argentina 15 years ago.
Economía The Times - Reino Unido Malvinas Martin Waller

Premier’s oil gushes in Mexico but it must cap debt

It takes a little pressure off Premier to go ahead with the Sea Lion field north of the Falklands, which in valuation terms is probably not that relevant even if the company is still talking about a firm decision on going ahead with this next year.
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Valentine Low

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain offer warm words on Gibraltar

The King of Spain raised the prospect of a negotiated settlement over Gibraltar yesterday, but his diplomacy triggered an angry riposte from the disputed territory.
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Trillion-tonne iceberg breaks free in Antarctica

An iceberg nearly four times the size of Greater London has broken free from Antarctica in one of the biggest such calvings recorded. A satellite spotted that the trillion-tonne iceberg had finally snapped off, after months in which scientists had been studying the widening crack at the Larsen C ice shelf.
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Rachel Sylvester

Our values matter more than deals with Saudis

Arms exports to the kingdom may be lawful but a growing number of senior Tories are questioning the UK’s position
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Trading Places

Despite warm words from President Trump about prospects for a bilateral deal, Britain cannot escape the costs of Brexit and must seek an agreement with the EU
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We do not live in China, says PM’s own watchdog as he hits out at move to fine web giants

Max Hill, QC, said there was a need for ever greater liaison and co-operation between law enforcement and tech companies
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Britain’s European allies desert it in a vote at the UN

An isolated island battles to hang on to its outpost in the Indian Ocean
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Runway crack leaves hundreds stranded on Ascension Island in middle of the Atlantic

The only way off Ascension Island is a ten-day sea and air trip via Cape Town, costing about £5,000
Economía The Times - Reino Unido Economía Regional James Dean

Europe back in play for TTIP transatlantic trade deal with US

Talks to conclude a trade deal between the United States and European Union will resume after the German elections in September, America’s chief trade negotiator has said.
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Low-cost Norwegian takes on BA in the long haul

Norwegian has announced flights from Gatwick to Buenos Aires, its third long haul market after the United States and Singapore
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Francis Elliott

Theresa May sets date for Queen’s speech without a deal with the DUP

The Queen will outline the plans for the next parliament on Wednesday even though a deal has not yet been done with the DUP
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Malvinas Wes Streeting

A new generation backs the Falklands’ right to self-determination

Yesterday was Liberation Day on the Falkland Islands, marking 35 years since the short but brutal fight to reclaim the islands from Argentinian invaders ended in June 1982. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino