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There’s trouble brewing in Trump’s backyard

China’s growing influence in South America is a threat to stability that the US cannot ignore
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CONSERVATIVE CONFERENCE Gavin Williamson threatens to block EU satellite bases from British ¿territories

A Galileo satellite is launched from Kourou, French Guiana: the system will rely partly on dishes and boosters located on British overseas territories Gavin Williamson has threatened to block the EU from using UK overseas territories for a major satellite system if Britain is locked out of it after Brexit.
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Argentina ’ s central bank boss quits

Luis Caputo, above, resigned for “personal reasons”, and will be replaced by Guido Sandlerise
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Navy warships in danger as Sea King and other cuts repeat ‘blunders’ of Falklands War

Experts say the phasing out of a key radar system risks leaving the navy with little warning of attack from missiles
Economía The Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Tabby Kinder

Asset manager seeks to exploit an emerging opportunity

The renowned investor Mark Mobius is seeking to raise up to £400 million to list an investment trust in London to take advantage of a “phenomenal opportunity” in emerging markets.
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The next financial crisis

Central banks’ response to the events of a decade ago may have lit the fuse for a new crash, writes Tommy Stubbington.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Economía Katherine Griffiths

Burford given all clear to sue Argentina in oil case

The case surrounds a dispute over the nationalisation of the country’s biggest oil producer by the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Economía The Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Ed Conway

Turkish tremors will cause shocks in Britain

This may not be a 2008-style crisis but no one should be complacent about the City’s exposure
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US must take care in Turkey crisis

The US holds the upper hand in the dispute with Turkey because the latter’s current account deficit has to be funded by international investors. The US president can spook these into reducing their positions in Turkey, which would deliver an economic shock. But since the Asian crisis of 1997, there has been a sea-change in the way countries respond to economic shocks, which could mean the US ends up losing the dispute in the long term.
Economía The Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Erik Britton

A fresh global crisis could crush democracy in emerging economies

In his 1994 paper, Democracy and Growth, Robert Barro found that increasing political freedom (shorthand: democracy) leads to stronger growth for countries that start with low levels of freedom. But for countries with middle levels of freedom or more, it may lead to slower growth. For these, causation flows in the other direction: stronger growth leads to more democracy and weaker growth to less democracy.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Economía Hugo Cox

Argentina and Saudi Arabia: new opportunities for thrills and spills

You will soon be able to invest in these two risky emerging markets. We assess the potential for boom —or bust
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Rockhopper picks up key finance deal

Rockhopper Exploration discovered oil off the Falklands eight years ago
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Deportes Anshel Pfeffer

One-nil to Palestinians after Argentina cancels Israel match

The cancellation of a football friendly between Israel and Argentina has prompted calls for Israel’s sports minister to resign and a police investigation into the “politicisation” of football.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Economía Robert Miller

Argentina ’s financial crisis may be ‘tip of the iceberg ’

The economic crisis engulfing Argentina could be the “tip of the iceberg in emerging markets”, according to a trade group of financial institutions.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Economía

Argentina goes cap-in-hand to IMF

President Macri’s attempts to revive the ailing Argentine economy have been marked by protests as workers lost their jobs. Argentina has requested an emergency credit line from the International Monetary Fund after a series of dramatic interventions failed to stop the markets selling off the peso.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Economía Regional Emily Gosden

Volatile Argentine peso raises fears of contagion

Interest rates were raised to 40 per cent at the end of last week to defend the currency Argentina’s embattled peso is set for a turbulent week of trading after its central bank dramatically raised interest rates to 40 per cent to try to shore up the currency.
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I led the Falklands SAS mission that no one wants to talk about

Former captain Andy Legg on how a plan to blow up Argentine jets armed with Exocet missiles went awry
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Economía Emily Gosden

Argentina sale brings in $950m for Shell

Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to offload its refining and marketing business in Argentina to its Brazilian joint venture for $950 million.
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The lithium triangle’s part in fighting climate change

Batteries have become big business in the fight against climate change, increasingly used for storing the electricity generated by renewable energy and to power electric cars, in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas pollution es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino