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Pope Francis‘wrong to apologise’ over conquest of Mexico

A Spanish politician has criticised the Pope for apologising for the Catholic Church’s role in the conquest of Mexico 500 years ago.
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Matthew Parris

Snubbing the French is a foolish mistake

Rifts over submarine contracts and migrant patrols have soured relations with a nation that should be our closest ally
Política The Times - Reino Unido Relaciones Bilaterales LAZAR BERMAN

Lapid inaugurates Israeli mission in Morocco as Herzog invites king to visit

President tells Mohammed VI that Israel ‘committed to deepening the strength of our relations’ after reestablishment of diplomatic ties last year; FM to wrap up trip Thursday night
Sr. Canciller The Times - Reino Unido Malvinas Lucinda Elliott

Falklands are British,says Argentine critic

Statements by academics and politicians in Argentina that the Falkland Islands are British territory have reopened the fierce sovereignty debate before the local elections.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Politica Latinoamericana Matthew Campbell

Argentina’sleftists go right to the front of the vaccine queue

In a scandal symptomatic of the country’s divided leadership, militants loyal to a Peronist dauphin and his mother — the vicepresident — are getting the jab before the vulnerable
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Chris Smyth and David Charter

Boris Johnson tells G7 to help vaccinate developing world

Boris Johnson has told world leaders that there is “no point” in vaccinating Britons and others in the west if poorer nations are left behind.
Cancillería The Times - Reino Unido Malvinas Roger Boyes

Does Britain still care about the Falklands?

Outside the EU, our determination to stand by our overseas territories is going to be tested
Política The Times - Reino Unido Politica Latinoamericana Stephen Gibbs

Latin America lives in fear as Brazil’s coronavirus death toll soars

Alarm is spreading in Latin America that Brazil’s coronavirus outbreak is out of control and threatening fragile health systems in the region.
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CIA bugged 120 countries with Swiss firm

Margaret Thatcher benefited during the Falklands conflict from a spy programme that duped more than 120 countries, including Argentina, into buying communications hardware that allowed their messages to be intercepted by the CIA.
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Ousted leader Evo Morales calls on supporters to join him at Bolivia’s border

Bolivia’s ousted president summoned his supporters to a rally on the Argentine border yesterday to choose a candidate for next year’s elections.
Sr. Canciller The Times - Reino Unido Malvinas Matthew Campbell

Evita Peron’s heirs eye return to power in Argentina through ‘cult of poverty’

Four women sat at a table sharing a gourd of maté, an Argentine tea-like drink, while a cauldron of noodles bubbled on a stove. Volunteering at a soup kitchen in Boca, a poor district of Buenos Aires, has become more demanding and upsetting by the day.
Economía The Times - Reino Unido Organismos Internacionales Philip Aldrick

IMF downgrades global growth forecast

Global growth will slow this year to its weakest rate since the financial crisis as the world heads into a “synchronised slowdown” as a result of trade tensions, Brexit and the unstable politics that is spreading across the world, the International Monetary Fund has warned.
Política The Times - Reino Unido Malvinas Kate Devlin Chief

Brexit: First Saturday sitting of parliament since Falklands crisis

Labour MPs are exploring ways to revive Theresa May’s Brexit proposals at the first Saturday sitting of parliament for 37 years if Boris Johnson fails to strike a deal with Brussels. Supporters of the idea believe that it could avoid the potential chaos of a no-deal Brexit.
Política The Times - Reino Unido Política Internacional Daniel finkelstein

Boris Johnson needs to come clean over Brexit

In his speech to the Tory conference today, the prime minister must trust voters by sharing details of his negotiation.
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Andrew Graham-Yooll obituary

Journalist who reported on Argentina’s ‘Missing’ during the brutal military dictatorship
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Get ready for low-carbon economy, businesses warned

Businesses must prepare for the move to a low-carbon economy or risk being left behind, the climate action minister has said.
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Brazil rejects $20m aid to save Amazon after row with Emmanuel Macron

Brazil has rejected the G7 summit’s plan to send $20 million in aid to extinguish fires raging in the Amazon rainforest amid a spat between President Bolsonaro and President Macron. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino