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President Trump Expected to Sign Tariffs, but Spare Mexico and Canada

08/03/18 - 16:02 - After a week of hints and uncertainty, President Donald Trump said Thursday he would announce tariffs on imported steel and aluminum but with temporary exemptions for Canada and Mexico as he seeks to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement. He suggested Australia and “other countries” might also be spared, a shift that could soften the international blow amid threats of retaliation by trading partners.
Política Time - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Olivia B. Waxman

The U.S. Has Left UNESCO Before. Here's Why

Updated: Oct 12, 2017 7:05 PM - When the U.S. Department of State announced Thursday that the U.S. would leave the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), scholars of the U.N. may have felt a certain déjà vu.
Economía Time - Estados Unidos Economía Regional R. Viswanathan

Why It’s Important for India to Trade With Latin America

Many believe that trading with Latin America is expensive and therefore should not be a priority. But statistics tell a different story.
Política Time - Estados Unidos Politica Latinoamericana Ian Bremmer

Q&A: Chile's Michele Bachelet on Where the Country Goes Now

Given the political upheaval in Venezuela and Brazil, Chile remains a good-news story for South America. But times have gotten bit tougher in recent years and, as in other developing countries, Chile’s leaders are a victim of their country’s recent success.
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