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How one British soldier has helped to name 90 Argentine war dead he buried, 35 years after Falklands War

As Geoffrey Cardozo took off from the Falkland Islandsin 1983, the young British Army officer departed with a niggling sadness that his task was incomplete.He had arrived in the aftermath of the fighting and spent months trying to collect and identify the bodies of the Argentine war dead found on the islands’ windswept battlefields.
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China's threat to fight trade war 'to the end' sends Asian markets tumbling after Trump escalates tariffs row

China has threatened to hike import taxes on US goods and fight a trade war “to the end”, following US President Donald Trump’s announcement that the US will impose up to $60 million of tariffs on Chinese imports.
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The Falkland Islands

‘They were nothing like Emmerdale, nor England, nor indeed Argentina’
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Rex Tillerson blames Russia for Syrian 'chemical weapons' attacks

23/01/18 - 13:51 - Russia bears responsibility for recent reported chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian government, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday.
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Trans-Pacific Partnership countries agree new trade deal after US departure

23/01/18 - 14:16 - Eleven countries aiming to forge an Asia-Pacific trade pact after the United States pulled out of an earlier version will sign an agreement in Chile in March, Japan's economy minister said on Tuesday, in a big win for Tokyo.
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Britain prepares to send military helicopters for French campaign against Islamists in Sahel

16/01/18 - 16:44 - Britain will send military helicopters to join a French campaign against Islamist extremists in Africa as London and Paris move to deepen cross-Channel defence ties, the Prime Minister is expected to announce later this week.
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Netanyahu's son caught on secret recordings outside strip club talking about major energy deal

09/01/2018 - 15:04 - Israeli MPs have demanded an investigation after tape recordings emerged of Benjamin Netanyahu’s son talking outside a strip club about how the Israeli prime minister had arranged a $20 billion deal for his friend’s business tycoon father.
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German hostility risks derailing UK plans for bespoke Brexit trade deal

Britain’s plan for a bespoke Brexit trade deal is at risk of being derailed by German opposition even before negotiations on the EU-UK future relationship begin later this year, the Telegraph can reveal.
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Netanyahu: Israel helped stop terror attacks on planes in Europe

09/01/2018 - 15:06 - Israeli intelligence has helped stop terrorists from using civilian aeroplanes in Europe to carry out major attacks “of the worst kind”, Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday.
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Theresa May's effective deputy Damian Green quits over pornography cover-up

20/12/17 - 18:37 - Damian Green was tonight forced to resign as First Secretary of State after a Cabinet Office investigation found he had misled the public and MPs over what he knew about pornography found on an office computer.
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German firms investigated over faulty batteries link to missing Argentine submarine

Argentine parliamentarians are reportedly investigating two German firms over the replacement of batteries on the missing submarine ARA San Juan, alleging bribes were paid to secure contracts and inferior products used.
Economía The Telegraph - Reino Unido Jeremy Warner

It's not Brexit but wage stagnation which is the biggest problem in economics today

If inflation keeps on rising, Mark Carney will have to write to Philip Hammond explaining why inflation is so high If you cannot raise UK interest rates now, with full employment, record high levels of labour participation, and with the inflation rate at 3pc and likely to go higher still in coming months, when can you? In normal circumstances, there would be no question about what the Bank of England should do. Regrettably, circumstances remain far from normal.
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In Catalonia we have seen how the EU does 'democracy'. Why can't Remainers see it too?

With little else to do but indulge himself in a display of student politics unflattering in a man aged 74, the Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable took part in an anti-Brexit march in Manchester over the weekend.
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Fears for 4,000 British jobs as Bombardier hit with 219pc US tariffs in subsidy dispute

The US will impose punitive tariffs on plane maker Bombardier, one of Northern Ireland’s biggest employers, after the company lost the first round of an international trade dispute with Boeing.
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President Energy buys oil assets in Argentina

President Energy, an upstream oil and gas company, has bought Chevron's 100% operated interest in its oil producing assets at Puesto Flores and Estancia Vieja in the Rio Negro Province, Argentina.
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The next financial crisis is coming. Corbyn in combination with Brexit would pretty much guarantee it

The banking system has been made much safer since the Global Financial Crisis, but the regulatory response has largely been about fighting the last war
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Act now to stop companies moving jobs for Brexit, businesses urge Government

Businesses have started to trigger their Brexit contingency plans even before knowing the details of the UK’s departure from the EU, or even the type of transition period which may be agreed upon. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino