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Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional Justin Huggler

Nato 'more important now than in the Cold War', Angela Merkel says in rebuke of Emmanuel Macron

Angela Merkel launched a spirited defence of Nato on Wednesday in what was widely seen as a public rebuke to France’s Emmanuel Macron.
Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Politica Latinoamericana Louis Emanuel

Why protests in Chile and Bolivia may have more in commonthan you think

Protest movements in Chile and Bolivia have been the subject of conspiracy theories on both the Left and the Right
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Turismo Chris Moss

Is it safe to visit South America? The latest travel advice for Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador

Reports of a “coup” in Bolivia, and clashes on the streets of La Paz, mean the Foreign Office (FCO) is now advising against all but essential travel to the country. After protests in the majority of South American countries during recent weeks, it is looking increasingly like a continent in chaos.
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Malvinas Harriet Alexander

Return of Leftists in Argentina could mean renewed claims over Falkland Islands

The resurgence of Argentina’s firebrand Leftists has raised concern among Falklanders that Sunday’s election could return anti-British sentiment to the country.
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Malvinas Chris Leadbeater

What a new air route to the Falkland Islands means for travellers and British-Argentine relations

They have long existed in a state of semi-exile as one of the most hard-to-reach outposts on the planet -far-flung fragments cast adrift in the choppy waters of the South Atlantic. But as of next month, the Falkland Islands will be a little easier to visit, thanks to the launch of a new flight to the archipelago's Mount Pleasant airport from Sao Paulo.
Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional David Chazan

Pope Francis calls for international action on Amazon wildfires

Pope Francis called for a global commitment to fight the fires in the Amazon as Emmanuel Macron, the French president, said on Sunday that G7 leaders were nearing an agreement on how to tackle them.
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Tom Rees

Sovereign debt default increasingly likely in Argentina –as prospect of a Leftist leader spooks markets

The peso collapsed to new record lows on Monday and shops are already receiving bigger bills for imported products, such as oils and flour.
Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional Raf Sánchez

Gibraltar releases Iranian tanker despite last-minute US effort to seize it

Gibraltar has released an Iranian oil tanker detained last month despite a last-minute US bid to have the ship seized.
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Economía Tom Rees

Turkey and Argentina risk fresh currency crisis

A fresh emerging markets currency crisis is brewing around the world as a string of battered economies grapple with debt and inflation woes, experts are warning.
Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional

Five Star Movement to vote on whether to ditch leader Luigi di Maio as Italian coalition fractures

The embattled leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement, which makes up one half of the populist coalition, has called a confidence vote on whether he should be ditched, to be held on Thursday.
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European elections 2019: When does the UK vote - and why are we even taking part?

With the date for the European Elections coming closer, we take a look at when the vote is, why we are still expected to take part and what it means for British MEPs. Here's everything you need to know ahead of polling day in May.
Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional

Jeremy Hunt 'very worried' US-Iran tensions could lead to war in Middle East

Jeremy Hunt said Monday he was “very worried” that mounting tensions between Iran and the US could lead to an unintended war in the Middle East, amid Saudi claims that several of its oil tankers had been sabotaged in the Persian Gulf.
Economía The Telegraph - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Wang Zhuoqiong

Belt and Road projects: past, present and future

The Chinese-proposed initiative has been achieving remarkable results in international infrastructure, industrial and economic development since its inception by President Xi Jinping less than six years
Economía The Telegraph - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Swaran Singh

China and India can propel global growth

With Washington falling prey to its periodic isolationist impulses, Beijing can look for new strategies and partnerships for garnering system-shaping power to help build a community with a shared future for mankind
Política The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional Henry Samuel

France triggers 'hard Brexit' plan and warns that no deal is 'less and less unlikely'

France has triggered contingency plans for a hard Brexit, as the prime minister warned a no deal scenario was "less and less unlikely”.
Argentina The Telegraph - Reino Unido Política

Cristina Kirchner to go on trial for corruption after chauffeur's notebooks reveal bribes paid to businessmen

Argentina's former president Cristina Kirchner, who has been accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars in bribes during her term in office, will go on trial for corruption, a federal court confirmed on Thursday.
Economía The Telegraph - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Ben Riley-Smith

US vows to tackle Russia and China's 'predatory' practices in Africa

Donald Trump’s administration has vowed to counter China and Russia’s “predatory” practices in Africa as it announced a new strategy for American engagement with the continent. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino