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Spain uses Brexit planning as excuse to steal Gibraltar claiming British territory is a ‘colony’

In an incendiary move Madrid wants to use every law Brussels passes to help prepare for a crash out to press its sovereignty claim
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BAD FOR BRITAIN Theresa May’s Brexit deal ‘will cost £1,000 EACH as Britain’s economy shrinks’

UK GDP could fall by 3 per cent a year - costing Britain the economic value of the whole of Wales or the City of London
Sr. Canciller The Sun - Reino Unido Malvinas Patrick Knox

BREXIT BACKLASH Argentina could ‘exploit’ no-deal Brexit to prise Falklands away from Britain

The South American nation could take advantage of looser diplomatic ties between the UK and EU as part of its ongoing pressure for his country to take control of the Falklands
Argentina The Sun - Reino Unido Malvinas David Wooding

JET DETECTOR BOOST RAF to get £80m extra cash to defend UK against the threat of Russian warplanes

Project Guardian will enable RAF jets to stop enemy and terror attacks more accurately and quickly
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Russian Ultras fly 8,000 miles to hold secret meetings with Argentinian thugs to plot World Cup attacks on England fans

t's reported the Russians also agreed to arrange accommodation, transport and defence lawyers for their south American partners in crime
Cancillería The Sun - Reino Unido Relaciones Bilaterales Holly Christodoulou

BRIT RESCUE BID Crack Royal Navy squad sent in to save missing Argentina submarine crew from beneath the waves

The elite Submarine Parachute Assistance Group is scouring near the Falklands to on ice patrol ship HMS Protector to hunt for the missing crew
Sr. Canciller The Sun - Reino Unido Ciudadanos Argentinos Tom Michael

BROTHERS IN ARMS New York terror attack victims named as five friends celebrating their school graduation 30th anniversary

The group of old school pals - part of a group of ten - studied together at Polytechnic College in the city of Rosario, Argentina
Argentina The Sun - Reino Unido Neal Baker

DON'T MESSI ISIS releases sick poster of Lionel Messi crying blood in captivity in chilling Russia World Cup 2018 threat

16:34 - Barcelona ace is used in twisted mock-up image in attempt by terror nuts to instil fear in football fans ahead of next year's World Cup.
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We’d fight and die for the Hurricane Irma victims . . . why can’t we give them our aid money?

That is why, when Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, our country sent a Task Force halfway across the globe to take them back. Because these are our ­people. And we would fight and die for them.
Argentina The Sun - Reino Unido Malvinas

Falklands fear Argentina hoping to buy warship from USA at same time Royal Navy prepare to retire similar vessel HMS Ocean

US Vice President Mike Pence visited Buenos Aires last month and is understood to be open to the idea of selling them a Landing Platform Deck Vessel.
Argentina The Sun - Reino Unido Malvinas Marco Giannangeli

Argentinians plot to raid Falklands and plant THEIR flag on British soil

Rouge generals are planning to mount a secret raid on the Falkland Islands and plant an Argentinian flag on British soil. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino