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EU countries corner Macron on Mercosur trade deal

Opposing the deal allowed Macron to score points with both environmentalists and farmers.
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Hogan cruises into EU trade job

30/09 - 19:27 - Unconfrontational hearing looked more like a coronation than a grilling.
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Austria threatens to blow up EU trade deal with South America

The lower house in Vienna says it will not ratify Brussels’ accord with Mercosur.
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UK offered no alternatives to backstop, say EU officials

03/09 - 17:31 - EU officials have pushed back against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's claims that the tone of negotiations has shifted. But London wants changes to 3 other elements of Brexit deal.
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Trump now says he accepts that Russia meddled in 2016 election

17/07/18 - 16:41 - The president’s reversal is one of several he has had on the issue of Russian interference since his 2016 election victory.
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Italian president’s post-election headache

04/04/18 - 13:23 - The head of state has the task of trying to get Italy’s biggest parties to form a government.
Economía Politico.eu - Bélgica Política Internacional Hans Von Der Burchard

US rounds on Britain over food quotas as post-Brexit trade woes deepen

1:44 PM - Seven trading heavyweights slam the British government’s position on quotas after Brexit.
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