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Argentina Open Democracy - Reino Unido Política Ana Soledad Montero

Argentina: Between Macrismo, Kirchnerismo and a third alternative

Macrism hoping for re-election, Kirchnerism bargaining on a comeback, and a coalition wishing to put an end toLa Grieta-this is how the Argentine electoral scene looks like.
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If freedom of the press is democracy, then what do you call this?

Defending media freedom has never been so important. Governments are becoming subtler in attempting to hide the truth. Journalists must become subtler too in uncovering it.

As for Argentina, legislation enacted by President Macri encourages greater concentration of media ownership, which is already enormous, thus endangering pluralism and ultimately determining the disappearance of local media.

Argentina Open Democracy - Reino Unido Política

Catalonia: an uncompleted transition?

The revolution to build democratic ‘stability’ and peace based on human rights and respect for citizen participation is an open-ended process in which dialogue, negotiation and participation are vital and ‘immortal’ cornerstones. Español
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Truth, memory and democracy in Latin America

For collective remembrance of crimes to go beyond storytelling and momentary indignation, citizens should be involved in the ideation, creation and dissemination of memory. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino