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Es decepcionante’: cubanos critican la estrategia de Biden

Muchos cubanos pensaron que la gestión de Biden tomaría medidas para normalizar las relaciones con La Habana. Pero el actual presidente ha sido más duro que Donald Trump con el gobierno de la isla.
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The High-Stakes Battle Between Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve

On Friday, Trump again defied the convention that the President stays out of monetary policy, calling on Powell and his colleagues to cut interest rates in order to boost the economy. Referring to the rate hikes that the Fed introduced last year, which were the source of his animus toward Powell, Trump said, “I think they really slowed us down.”
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What Soybean Politics Tell Us About Argentina and China

The vast majority of Argentina’s soy products are exported, mostly to China. Rising Asian demand — for soy sauce, tofu, animal feed — has fueled the explosion of the soybean industry across Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.
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How Long Can Nicolás Maduro Hang on to Power in Venezuela?

22/05/18 - 15:58 - The governments in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Mexico, and neighboring Colombia—which has taken in the largest number of Venezuela’s economic refugees—are now openly adversarial to Maduro. Among the few regional Presidents to salute Maduro’s victory yesterday were Miguel Díaz-Canel, the recently sworn-in President of Cuba, and Bolivia’s Evo Morales. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino