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Russia Returns to European Rights Body After 5-Year Suspension

26/06 - 19:06 - Europe’s top human rights body has confirmed Russia’s return as a member after the country was suspended for five years over the annexation of Crimea.
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Putin Says U.S. Security Guarantees Unlikely to Prompt North Korea to De-Nuclearize

Russian President Vladimir Putin said after holding talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Thursday that he thought U.S. security guarantees would probably not be enough to persuade Pyongyang to shut its nuclear program.
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Kim Jong Un Looks to Putin for Help Dealing With Trump Whiplash

Kim Jong Un, like Vladimir Putin, has enjoyed flourishes of bonhomie with Donald Trump only to see the relationship fray over sanctions. Now, the North Korean leader is turning to the Russian president for help.
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News Opinion Meanwhile Arts and Life Podcasts Russian and U.S. Diplomats to Hold Venezuela Talks in Italy This Week

United States Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov are due to meet in Rome this week to discuss the situation in Venezuela, diplomats from the two countries said.
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Argentina's Ambassador Says World Cup in Russia Safe Despite ISIS Threat

As an Islamic State (IS) poster of an Argentinian footballer crying blood circulates the web, Argentina’s ambassador to Russia said the 2018 World Cup will be safe to visit next summer, ESPN reported Thursday.
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U.S. Diplomatic Staff in Russia Could See Another Major Cut

Oct 11, 2017 — 09:04 — Update: 09:05 - The Russian Foreign Ministry has not eliminated the possibility of reducing U.S. diplomatic staff by another 150 or more personnel, the state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported Wednesday. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino