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Argentina reaffirms claim of sovereignty over Falklands-Malvinas

Argentina is set to reaffirm its claim of sovereignty over the Falklands on Friday as it marks the 200th anniversary of the first occasion its flag was flown over the islands it calls the Malvinas.
Argentina Morning Star - Reino Unido Energía Anna Farley

Phoenix Global Resources Revenue Up On Pricing But Expenses Keep Pace

LONDON (Alliance News) - Phoenix Global Resources PLC said its revenue increased 25% in 2018 on
Argentina Morning Star - Reino Unido Economía Emma Wall

Bond Investors: Watch Out for Argentina Election

Latin America saw significant political upheaval in 2018 - and this year has more in store. M&G's bond fund manager Claudia Calich is keeping an eye on Argentina
Argentina Morning Star - Reino Unido Economía David Brenchley

BlackRock: Argentina Stock Market Could Double

The re-election of President Mauricio Macri could see the Argentinian stock market double as the economy recovers from its 2018 recession
Argentina Morning Star - Reino Unido Economía Karen Kwok

Why Argentina is Not an Emerging Market

Argentina failed to win back its status as an emerging market in June, remaining in the ranks of the frontier markets until at least 2018. What does this mean for investors? es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino