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Jerusalem Post - Israel

Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Tovah Lazaroff

Netanyahu: Iran’s decision to enrich uranium at Fordow endangers the world

“Iran expands its aggression everywhere. It seeks to envelop Israel. It seeks to threaten Israel. It seeks to destroy Israel. We fight back," Netanyahu said.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Organismos Internacionales Tovah Lazaroff

Israel’s Supreme Court rules HRW Director can be deported over BDS

Human Rights Watch is weighing an appeal to a larger judicial panel of the verdict by a three judges. If not appeal is lodged, Shakir could be asked to leave the country within 20-day.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Lahav Harkov

Blue & White electoral reform bills could thwart unity government efforts

Blue and White submitted three bills, signed by all 33 of its MKs, on October 3, the day of the 21st Knesset’s inauguration. All of the bills are amendments to Basic Law: Government.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Lahav Harkov

What is standing in the way of a Netanyahu and Gantz rotation agreement?

Rivlin has been pushing them towards a unity coalition, which would likely involve a rotation agreement for the premiership.
Economía Jerusalem Post - Israel Economía Internacional Herb Keinon

Israel, South Korea conclude talks on Free Trade Agreement

This is Israel's first free trade agreement with an Asian country. The move is expected to significantly reduce prices for cars, electronics and even soy sauce to Israeli consumers.
Economía Jerusalem Post - Israel Inversiones OMRI NAHMIAS

US official: Oversight of China-Israel deals will help grow US-Israel ties

The establishment of an oversight mechanism for Chinese investments in Israel is important to ensure the continued growth of Israeli-US ties, a senior official in the Trump administration has told The Jerusalem Post.
Argentina Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Zachary Keyser

U.S. House of Representatives passes resolution commemorating AMIA bombing

The United States House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a resolution commemorating the 1994 AMIA Jewish Center bombing in Argentina- demanding justice and accountability for those responsible for the attack, after a twenty-five year long delay.
Argentina Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Rossella Tercatin

Argentina to designate Hezbollah as terror group - Report

According to La Nacion, Argentinian President Mauricio Macri asked his government to find the most rapid solution to include the Iranian—backed group in the list of terror organizations
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional

Trump threatens to 'substantially' increase sanctions on Iran

"Iran has long been secretly 'enriching,' in total violation of the terrible 150 Billion Dollar deal made by John Kerry and the Obama Administration," Trump said on Twitter.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Gil Hoffman

Israel goes back to elections as Netanyahu fails to form coalition

Exactly one month after the 21st Knesset were sworn in, a majority of the Knesset voted late Wednesday to disperse themselves and initiate an unprecedented repeat election on September 17.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional BENJAMIN WEINTHAL


Iran was termed a "risk country" in the 335-page document outlining serious threats to the security and democracy of the state of Bavaria.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Seth J. Frantzman

U.S.-Iran tensions: Sides seek deescalation as Iraq simmers - analysis

Iran and the US appeared to be heading towards some sort of conflict, perhaps involving Iran’s proxy forces in the region. But both countries want to climb down from this crisis.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Herb Keinon

Netanyahu on Iran: We will not let them get nuclear arms

Netanyahu's comments were Israel's first response to Iran's announcement that it will continue its nuclear program.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional TZVI JOFFRE

Iranian FM heads to Syria, Turkey to discuss regional situation

Assad and Zarif will discuss regional and international developments and avenues for preserving the peace in the region, according to MEHR.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Seth J. Frantzman

I've read every Israeli election poll since January. So what?

The third democratic revolution arrives, when the weakening of the traditional Right and Left means smaller fringe parties are able to make inroads.
Argentina Jerusalem Post - Israel

Two Iranians caught using forged Israeli passports in Argentina

Despite that the two passports were reported stolen by two Israelis the Sajid Samiel Nasrani, 27, and Mashura Sbazli, 30 were able to leave the airport.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional BEN BRESKY

U.S. to withdraw all troops from Syria by April - report

President Trump has vowed not to "fight endless wars," but skeptics warn the pullout will create a vacuum to be filled by extremists.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional

Iran dismisses EU concern about missile tests as "non-constructive"

"Raising such baseless and hollow in line with the goals of enemies who seek to undermine Iran’s relations with Europe," Iran's foreign ministry said in a statement.
Argentina Jerusalem Post - Israel

Tensions rise between Argentina’s Jewish institutions

The Jewish center on Thursday asked the DAIA, to remove itself from the treason lawsuit filed against former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner over a pact signed with Iran in 2013.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Anna Ahronheim

Israeli strikes on Iran in Syria may lead to war - U.S. intelligence chief

His assessment echoes concerns raised by Israeli officials that Iran would likely increase their responses to IAF strikes in Syria. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino