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Irish Examiner - Irlanda

Argentina Irish Examiner - Irlanda Mercosur STEPHEN CADOGAN

Measures in place to protect Irish farmers' interests in Mercosur Trade Agreement

Mercosur is a challenging market, difficult to enter and with low consumer purchasing power...
Argentina Irish Examiner - Irlanda Mercosur STEPHEN CADOGAN

Maladministration of Mercosur trade talks by EU Commission?

Sustainability impact assessments (SIAs) must be completed before concluding trade negotiations in future
Argentina Irish Examiner - Irlanda Mercosur AISLING KIERNAN

All bets off as EU Parliament votes against Mercosur

IFA welcomes vote and highlights importance of Irish beef not being undermined in the marketplace by inferior products
Política Irish Examiner - Irlanda Organismos Regionales

EU hearings: New team, difficult world, much at stake

Before incoming European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen takes over on November 1, MEPs will scrutinise all those nominated to be in her top team. Not only does the parliament get to ask questions, it can also say no to individual commissioners and even the entire team.
Política Irish Examiner - Irlanda Política Internacional Juno McEnroe

Phil Hogan looks set to be nominated for EU Trade Commissioner

Phil Hogan looks set to be nominated in the coming days to take over the powerful role of EU Trade Commissioner.
Argentina Irish Examiner - Irlanda Mercosur Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Mercosur ‘not a done deal’, Creed tells farmers

Agriculture Minister Michael Creed has urged pleaded with farmers not to desert the Government over the Mercosur trade deal, saying it is “not a done deal” and that Ireland can still make changes to protect the vital farming sector. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino