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Confidence in EU economy at all-time highs in July

EU economy chief Paolo Gentiloni told the Financial Times in an interview this week that the recovery was proceeding “at speed” due to high vaccination rates, despite the threat of the Delta Covid variant.
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Kerry IFA meeting puts Tánaiste in the spotlight

Varadkar: 'We’re keeping close to the French, countries that might be of a similar view to us'
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EU adopts an ‘assertive’ new trade policy as it resets relations with US

The EU has outlined a more “assertive” trade policy as it attempts to reset relations with the US and stand its ground on China.
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Argentina accuses major food companies of production curbs amid pricing crackdown

Argentina is investigating consumer firms including Danone, Procter & Gamble and Unilever, along with food producers like Bunge, over accusations they have deliberately held back production amid a government clampdown on rising prices.
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Imports of beef into the EU expected to increase by up to 26pc under planned trade deals

The implementation of the 12 free trade agreements signed off by the EU would increase the value of imports beef into the block by up to 26pc, a new EU analysis has found.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Claire Mc Cormack

Mercosur deal analysis to be published this spring

The long-awaited Economic and Sustainability Impact Assessment for Ireland of the EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement is to be published this spring.
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Soaring Amazon deforestation splits Brazil's agriculture lobby

Brazil's biggest lobby group for soy farmers Aprosoja has broken ties with the Brazil Agribusiness Association (Abag) over its support for an initiative calling on the Brazilian government to rein in soaring deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Ciaran Moran

German Agriculture Minister won’t move forward with Mercosur deal

The German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has said she is not going to push forward efforts to seal the Mercosur Trade agreement and said she had serious concerns over the deal.
Política Independent - Irlanda Política Internacional Sarah Arnold

Where was this concern about Amazon fires when the EU signed off a huge South American trade deal?

Leo Varadkar and Angela Merkel apparently had no concerns about the ‘Mercosur’ deal, which will see millions of dollars worth of Brazilian beef imported into Europe, just six weeks ago
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Brexit: UK to withdraw officials from EU meetings from September 1, Boris Johnson government announces

Boris Johnson will pull British officials and ministers out of most EU decision-making meetings from September as the government gears up for the Brexit deadline.
Política Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Claire Fox

Hogan comes under fire from Irish MEPs on 'Armageddon' Mercosur

EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan came under fire from Irish MEPs on “Armageddon” Mercosur deal at the first meeting of the new EU Parliament Agri committee.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur John Downing

John Downing: 'Farmers are angry over Mercosur - and the Fine Gael TDs fear the fallout'

It is ironic that a stone's throw from EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Irish beef is in a prime position on sale in all that city's supermarkets at a premium price. The same can be said about supermarkets across mainland Europe right now - Irish beef has finally arrived and is in big demand.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Declan O'Brien

Farm leaders in last-ditch battle against Mercosur deal

Farm leaders were last night fighting a rearguard action against a sign-off on the Mercosur trade deal between the EU and South American countries.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Ciaran Moran

Farmers protest over 'sell out’ trade deal

Farmers are protesting at the EU Commission offices today over what they call a ‘Sell Out’ trade deal with the South American group of Mercosur countries.
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Mercosur deal would be 'disastrous' for Ireland's Climate Action Plan warns farm organisations

A Mercosur deal would be completely ‘contradictory’ and ‘disastrous’ in light of Ireland’s recently published Climate Action Plan, farm organisations have warned.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Claire Fox

'Deep concerns' on possible Mercosur deal outlined by Taoiseach in letter to EU Commission

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and three other European leaders have sent a letter to EU Commission President Jean Claude Junker highlighting their “deep concern” on a potential EU trade deal with Mercosur being passed next week that could “threaten agriculture” in Europe.
Argentina Independent - Irlanda Mercosur Philip Blenkinsop

EU agrees deal to boost US beef imports – sources

The European Union has agreed a deal to allow U.S. farmers a larger share of Europe's beef market, EU sources and diplomats said, in a move that could help to defuse transatlantic trade tensions.
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New laws to target 'frightening' dissident marches after Lyra McKee's murder

Journalist Lyra McKee was murdered in Derry. Defence Minister Paul Kehoe told the Irish Independent he found the sight of men and women in fake military fatigue “absolutely frightening”. “Everybody condemns it but we have to go further than just condemning it. We have to prevent this from happening in the future,” Mr Kehoe said. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino