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Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Brett Samuels

Trump seeks to distance himself from Turkish invasion of Syria

09/10 - 14:23 - President Trump on Wednesday sought to distance himself from a Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria, days after he drew bipartisan backlash for announcing U.S. troops would vacate the area.
Género The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Adriana Piatti-Crocker

Why American politics needs gender quota

09/10 - 17:30 - After the 2018 elections, many Americans celebrated the unprecedented number of women gaining seats to Congress. There was reason to celebrate: both the House and Senate included more women than ever before, with proportions of 23.5 percent and 25 percent, respectively, in both chambers.
Economía The Hill - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional John Lee

Why Australia and others are reluctant to join Trump’s fight with China

05/02 - 13:30 - Throughout much of the previous year, China regularly admonished Australia for viewing the former through ‘tinted glasses’ — read ‘Western bias’ — and warned Australia to remain neutral with respect to the deepening tension between the United States and China or face consequences.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Jordan Fabian

Trump agrees to end shutdown without getting wall funding

25/01 - 19:00 - President Trump said Friday he will back a short-term funding bill to reopen the government that does not include funds to construct a wall along the southern border, bowing to mounting pressure fueled by growing disruption due to the lengthy shutdown.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Chris Mills Rodrigo

US orders some diplomats to leave Venezuela

24/01/2019 20:12 - The State Department is ordering non-essential diplomats and staff at the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela to leave the country.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Brett Samuels

US requests meeting of UN Security Council to discuss 'ongoing crisis' in Venezuela

24/01/2019 15:56 - The United States on Thursday requested a meeting of the United Nations (UN) Security Council this weekend to discuss the state of affairs in Venezuela as the Trump administration and other world leaders throw support behind the country's opposition leader.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Emily Birnbaum

Pence calls Venezuelan opposition leader to express support

15/01 - 19:34 - Vice President Pence on Tuesday reportedly called Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in the latest administration display of support for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's rival.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Rebecca Kheel

Trump cites Chinese threat in touting Space Force plans

14/08/2018 17:12 - President Trump on Monday argued a new branch of the military dedicated to space is needed to fight adversaries such as China.
Argentina The Hill - Estados Unidos Defensa Ellen Mitchell

Mattis to travel to South America to meet defense officials

09/08/18 - 18:17 - He will then travel to Argentina “where he will meet with senior defense officials to discuss defense issues of mutual interest.”
Economía The Hill - Estados Unidos Economía Regional Desmond Lachman

Brazil the latest economy the US must monitor for global risk

07/08/18 - 14:30 - In the run-up to this October’s Brazilian elections, the country’s presidential hopefuls would do well to heed the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) latest and unusually explicit warning as to the urgent need for Brazil to address its very shaky public finances.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Rafael Bernal

A change is coming to US-Mexico relations

02/07/18 - 20:14 - The winner of Sunday’s presidential election in Mexico is poised to bring profound changes to the country’s relationship with the U.S., at a time when the two nations find themselves increasingly at odds over President Trump’s policies.
Argentina The Hill - Estados Unidos Economía Earl Anthony Wayne

Argentina can get by with a little help from its friends at the IMF

17/05/18 - 16:00 - Argentina is trying to fend off a currency crisis and maintain access to international financing in order to remain on track to continue reforming its financial, economic and governance practices.
Argentina The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Avery Anapol

Reporters blocked from covering Tillerson's horseback ride in Argentina

05/02/2018 - Reporters accompanying Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were reportedly prevented from covering his horseback ride during a visit to Argentina.
Argentina The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Benjamin N. Gedan

Getting away with murder: It’s time to hold Iran accountable

11/12/2018 - 15:00 - Trump administration hostility to Iran takes many forms, many of them with unintended consequences.
Género The Hill - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Jonathan Easley

White House defends Trump's trip to Davos economic forum

11/12/2018 - 17:18 - The White House on Thursday defended President Trump’s planned trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, against criticism from reporters that he’s going to “rub elbows” with “globalists.”
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional

Trump to continue Iran deal sanctions relief: report

10/01, 16:25 - President Trump is expected this week to continue sanctions relief for Iran as part of the landmark nuclear deal, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.
Economía The Hill - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Earl Anthony Wayne

Decisions on trio of trade partners loom large for US in 2018

10/01, 12:15 - The Trump administration has China, Canada and Mexico at the top of the trade agenda for 2018. Decisions are pending about trade sanctions on China and about modernizing or leaving the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
Economía The Hill - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Álvaro Vargas Llosa

Is Latin America turning toward free markets?

03/01, 17:24 - Sebastian Pinera’s triumph in Chile’s recent elections would seem to confirm that Latin America is turning against statist left-wing populism.
Política The Hill - Estados Unidos Politica Latinoamericana Cynthia Arnson

Trump's threat makes Pence's South America trip more daunting

President Trump’s intemperate remark last Friday warning of a possible “military option” in Venezuela could not have provided a more inauspicious beginning to Vice President Mike Pence’s trip this week to four Latin American countries. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino