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Israel's Long History of Cooperation With Ruthless, anti-Semitic Dictators

04/07/18 - 08:58 - Netanyahu's coziness with the odious, xenophobic Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is hardly unprecedented. Menachem Begin sent arms to Argentina's military junta - who actually had Jewish blood on their hands
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Argentina Soccer Fiasco: Israel's Sports Minister Is to Blame, Not Terror

06/06/18 - 21:09 - Miri Regev got jealous of Netanyahu's 'Iran Lied' show and created her own act during a press conference on Argentina cancelling the Jerusalem match
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Argentina's World Cup Warm-up vs. Israel Expected to Be Canceled Over Palestinian Pressure

05/06/18 - 21:04 - Neither side has issued an official announcement yet, but Saturday's scheduled game to take place in Jerusalem is largely expected to be cancelled
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Following in U.S.' Footsteps, Israel Announces Exit From UNESCO

22/12/2017 -17:15 - Netanyahu decides to stand by the U.S. after it had quit the UN cultural agency over 'continuing anti-Israel bias'
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Argentina Delivers Thousands of WWII-era Documents to Israel

The digital documents the Argentine president presented to Prime Minister Netanyahu include letters, telegrams and reports from between 1939 and 1950
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Netanyahu Touches Down in Argentina for 'Historic' Latin America Visit

In first regional visit for an Israeli leader, Netanyahu is scheduled to discuss past terror attacks against Argentinian Jews, world's 7th largest Jewish community
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Argentina Delivers Nearly 40,000 WWII-era Documents to U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Latin American country was a refuge for Nazis after the Second World War, including war criminals Adolf Eichmann and Erich Priebke
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