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Argentina's lemons get ready for the new campaign

On the eve of the 2019 campaign, Argentina is getting ready to work professionally and have the appropriate volumes to supply customers from all markets. This preparation is promoted and coordinated by ACNOA, the Citizen Association of the Northwest of Argentina, which works for the sustainability of the citrus activity in the region.
Argentina Fresh Plaza - España Economía

Argentina: 2018-2019 apple and pear production forecast to increase

For 2018/2019, apple and pear production in Argentina is forecast to increase over last year, despite lower planted areas.
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Argentina: Onion crisis threatens thousands of jobs

The onion is frosty / closed and poor: / frost of your days / and of my nights. Hunger and onion: / black ice and frost / large and round ". Miguel Hernandez wrote that poem 80 years ago, in his anguish at the prison he was confined to by Franco. It inspired him to read his wife's letter who warned him that there was only bread and onion in his house to feed his little son.
Argentina Fresh Plaza - España Agronegocios

Argentina unable to export lemons to US until 2018

Although Argentina has now opened exports of lemons to the United States, until next year it cannot place a single kilo of the fruit. The reason, a striking one, is to be found in the requirements of lemon's coloration for harvest imposed by the United States. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino