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Foreign Policy - Estados Unidos

Política Foreign Policy - Estados Unidos Género Stephanie Schmid

The Trump Administration Is Erasing Reproductive Rights at Home and Abroad

The removal of information from the State Department’s annual reports has grave consequences for human rights monitoring worldwide.
Economía Foreign Policy - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Keith Johnson

Can the us make oil sanctions on iran work?

Given pushback from friends and foes, Trump’s goal of zero Iranian exports is still far off.
Política Foreign Policy - Estados Unidos Politica Latinoamericana Maya Averbuch

Mexico Can’t Handle Your Tired, Poor, and Huddled Masses

30/07/18 - 13:59 - Ever since Donald Trump's election, America's southern neighbor has become a growing destination for migrants—and the country is already buckling under the strain.
Política Foreign Policy - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Duyeon Kim

Pompeo Has to Learn Pyongyang’s Rules

30/07/18 - 16:25 - Negotiating with North Korea is a tricky game, and the United States is already behind. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino