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Falkland Islands Land Mines –Watch How They Are Cleared And Blown Up

Italian SB-81anti-tank mines, SB-33 anti-personnel mines, Spanish C-3-B anti-tank and P4B anti-personnel mines, American M1 mines and Israeli No 4 and No 6 mines are all among the explosives found and cleared, and in some cases blown up,in the operation.
Argentina Forces - Reino Unido Malvinas

Outgoing Commander British Forces In Falklands Hails 'Improved' Argentina Relationship

Brigadier Bennett mentioned the search for the Argentine submarine, San Juan, as an important step in improving relations.
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Arms Exports To Argentina Resume After UK Lifts Ban

Arms exports to the Argentinian military are set to resume, more than six years after a ban imposed in a row over the Falkland Islands.
Cancillería Forces - Reino Unido Malvinas

New Space Defence Strategy, Foreign Secretary Lays Wreath For Falklands Soldiers & Russia's "Dirty Money"

The Foreign Secretary has visited a Falklands War memorial and laid a wreath in honour of those killed on both sides of the conflict.
Argentina Forces - Reino Unido Malvinas

Bodies Of Argentinian Soldiers Killed In The Falklands Finally Identified

The bodies of 88 unknown Argentinian soldiers who died in the Falklands Conflict have finally been identified. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino