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The Argentine Petro-Provinces & The Incoming Fernández Administration

On August 11 a super-majority of Argentine voters signaled they did not want President Mauricio Macri to serve another four years, and close to a majority signaled that they preferred the presidential and vice-presidential ticket of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as Macri’s successor for the 2019-23 period.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Política Mark P. Jones

Provincial Elections in Santa Cruz: Home of the Kirchner Clan

On August 11 the Argentine province of Santa Cruz will elect its governor and the members of its unicameral provincial legislature for four-year terms. In spite of Santa Cruz being the home province of the Kirchner clan, there exists a possibility that for the first time in more than 50 years a person who is not a member of Argentina’s Peronist Movement could be elected governor of Santa Cruz.
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Has Argentina’s Embattled President Macri Finally Bottomed Out?

If Mauricio Macri is reelected in October it would basically mean two things: The International Monetary Fund is no longer a death knell to the leader who signed the loan in the first place, and Cristina Kirchner and her quasi-communist, closed door, protesters-in-the-street politics are officially in Argentina’s past.
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The Fed Is Doing Its Best To Achieve The Impossible

The Federal Reserve has taken a serious beating lately. Even President Trump, the man who selected Jay Powell as Fed Chair and who appointed three of the four remaining Fed Board members has thrown a few punches its way.
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Cry For Me, Argentina: Why A Great Nation Keeps Jumping From One Economic Crisis to Another

What seems to be holding Argentina back is a disbelief held by international investors and Argentinians alike that the future can be different from the past. Argentina’s history of staggering rises in consumer price inflation, sharp currency devaluations and forced debt restructurings, exacerbated by excessive government spending and widespread corruption, erodes domestic and international confidence.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Política Mark P. Jones

The June 9 Provincial Election In Chubut, Argentina's No.2 Petro-Province

Chubut is Argentina's second most important Petro-Province (after Neuquén), producing 30% of the country's petroleum and 7% of its natural gas.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Política Kenneth Rapoza

There Is Only One Way Mauricio Macri Is Re-Elected In Argentina

Cristina Kirchner announced her...vice presidency on May 18. It's an odd twist to her story, but her pick of former chief of staff and political operator Alberto Fernandez as her president shows she knows how toxic she is about to become for left-of-center Peronists in Argentina.
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Argentina's President Macri Could Find Some Partial Relief In La Pampa On May 19th

But, the upcoming May 19 provincial election in La Pampa could provide Macri with some partial relief; almost certainly not a victory, but for the first time this election season a dignified defeat where the Let’s Change candidate loses by only a single digit margin or a margin in the low teens. Such is life for Macri in 2019 when a dignified loss represents the best Let’s Change electoral performance to date.
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Explaining Argentina's Financial Crisis: Macri, Cristina And The Specter Of Populism

Financial turbulence is a hard thing to explain, as it is generally kicked off by emotional reactions. Much ink has been spent on analyzing irrational behavior in markets, yet these runs, which generate negative feedback loops that are by definition chaotic and therefore destructive, are also the consequence of real situations of stress, as is the case currently in Argentina.
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Seeking To Deflate Trade Tensions, EU Will Double US Gas Imports In Five Years

As trade tensions over steel, cars and airplanes mount between Washington and Brussels, the European Union yesterday tried to calm the situation by convening a summit on an import the two sides both want to see increase – natural gas.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Kenneth Rapoza

A Weak President Macri Has Investors Dumping Argentina

25/04 - 16:03 - Investors are dumping Argentina bonds now that it looks even more certain that the man who brought the International Monetary Fund back to Buenos Aires is six months away from losing the presidency.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Jill Barth

Torrontés In The Spotlight: Get To Know Argentina's White Wine

04/04 - 12:11 - New discoveries are revitalizing, the wine lover's ultimate quest. For a fresh white wine that's ready for summer and spring, pour a glass of Torrontés, a calling card of Argentina that offers crisp acidity and remarkable food-friendliness.
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U.K. GDP Rise Masks The Real Risk To The U.K. Economy

The government of Theresa May has been surrounded and swamped by the Brexit debate over the past few months and has found little news to bring a distraction.
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Dear China, Get Ready For 25% Tariffs

In two weeks, China will probably be hit with 25% tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods. If not by March 1, then after any trade truce ends—supposedly 60 days later assuming an extension is still on the table.
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Future Not Bright For Socialists United Of Venezuela

24/01/2019 15:04 - It looks like Venezuela now has two presidents: Nicolas Maduro controls the courts, the central bank and the military. Juan Guaido controls the legislative branch, and -- it now seems -- the hearts and minds of the majority of the electorate.
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How Regime Change In Venezuela Could Affect The Global Oil Market

24/01/2019 15:10 - Last week a colleague walked into my office and said "I have it on good authority that the Trump Administration is about to take action toward pushing regime change in Venezuela this year."
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The 2019 Presidential And Petro-Province Elections In Argentina

Elections will take place in Argentina between March and November to elect a president, one-third of the Senate, one-half of the Chamber of Deputies, 22 provincial governors and the members of 23 provincial legislatures. Argentina is a federal republic, in which the federal and provincial governments both play a prominent role in the development of the country’s hydrocarbon resources, such as the Vaca Muerta, one of the largest shale deposits in the world. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Argentina possesses the world’s second largest shale gas reserves.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Kenneth Rapoza

In Argentina, If Macri Wins 2019, The IMF Wins Too

15:45 - It’s an election year in Argentina. If current president Mauricio Macri gets reelected, then Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund wins too. Lagarde needs Argentina’s IMF package to be the best package ever, just like Macri does in order to win in November.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Kenneth Rapoza

Argentina's Best IMF Program Ever? Market Seems To Think So.

18/12/18 - 10:00 - The International Monetary Fund is the Eye of Sauron over Argentina, feared, hated and despised throughout all the land. It tracks every move made in the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires. Next year is make or break for this debt-wracked, crisis-prone nation.
Economía Forbes - Estados Unidos Energía Robert Rapier

President Trump's Blind Spot On Oil Prices

President Trump recently took credit for the plunge in oil prices since early October. As I noted in a recent article, it's true that the President's actions have contributed to the drop in oil prices, but at a cost that has been largely ignored. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino