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Desarrollan a ‘Uchuu’, la simulación más exacta y completa del universo

12:52 - Uchuu permitirá realizar estudios sobre la evolución del universo sin la necesidad de observaciones directas solo con la simulación de escenarios. En el proyecto también participan otros grupos de investigación de Japón, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Francia e Italia.
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Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathway Invests $500 Million In Brazilian Challenger Nubank

19:28 - Brazilian digital bank Nubank has announced today (8) that it has received a $500 million investment from Warren Buffett's investment fund Berkshire Hathaway.
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La vacuna de Pfizer genera menos anticuerpos contra la variante la india

19:53 - Una investigación publicada en The Lancet encontró que el nivel de anticuerpos en sangre capaces de neutralizar la variante india es menor respecto a otras variantes.
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EU pone fin formalmente a la política de Trump de dejar en México a los solicitantes de asilo

20:12 - Desde entonces, a más de 11,000 migrantes inscritos en él se les ha permitido entrar en Estados Unidos para solicitar asilo.
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Analistas suben pronóstico de inflación a 5% para 2021: sondeo Banxico

14:26 - Los especialistas consultados por el Banco de México también elevaron su expectativa de crecimiento a 5.15%, desde 4.80%.
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Director de la CIA vendrá a México en los próximos días

12:56 - La visita del director de la CIA a México se da previo a la llegada de la vicepresidenta de Estados Unidos, Kamala Harris.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Agustino Fontevecchia

The Dangerous Game Of “Anchoring” Inflation Using The Dollar In Argentina

The Alberto Fernández administration has found itself locked once again in Argentina’s usual conundrum: how to tame inflation while winning elections.
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ONU recibió 387 denuncias de abusos sexuales de su personal en 2020

18:17 - La acusaciones señalan a personal de la ONU por violaciones, incluidas a menores de edad, relaciones explotadoras y sexo transaccional.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Politica Latinoamericana Kenneth Rapoza

Broke And Poor, Why Is Argentina’s President Focused On Saving Brazil’s Lula

Face it, Alberto Fernandez’s country can’t find its way out of a paper bag. It should provide no counsel to others trying to do the same.
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Presidente de Argentina acompañará a AMLO en evento en Iguala

El presidente recibirá a su homólogo argentino, quien lo acompañará en el evento para conmemorar los 200 años del Plan de Iguala en esa localidad.
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Argentina: Cristina Kirchner, Macri And Alberto Fernández – All Of Them Took On Debt

The construction of a socio-cultural narrative is one of the fundamental building blocks on which political projects are built. President Alberto Fernández, in charge of an eclectic pan-Peronist coalition that spans all the way from the left to the right, has struggled to find his origin myth and the accompanying mythology, beyond relying on the traditional Peronist fables, yet one of his recurring points is to blame the Mauricio Macri administration for the country’s evils, among them excessive indebtedness
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Agustino Fontevecchia

Argentina’s Economy Minister, Martín Guzmán: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

How long will Economy Minister Martín Guzmán last? First, he suffered a last second modification to the 2021 budget which increased the fiscal deficit substantially. Then, he was forced to swallow a sudden change to the formula used to calculate retiree and pension payments, further increasing pressure on already strained government coffers, orchestrated by none other than Senate President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Nathaniel Parish Flannery

Political Risk Analysis: How Serious Is Argentina’s Economic Crisis?

Argentina has been hit hard during 2020 by the Covid-19 pandemic and a new series of demand-side shocks that have pummeled an already struggling economy. Argentina has reported over 40,000 confirmed deaths from Covid-19.
Sr. Canciller Forbes - Estados Unidos Politica Latinoamericana Agustino Fontevecchia

The “Venezuela Issue” Is Making Argentina’s Gov’t Dysfunctional

The Venezuela issue dominated the political agenda a few weeks ago in Argentina. The focus was put on the country’s position before different multilateral organizations, namely the United Nations and the Organization of American States, where Argentina’s representatives voted for and against a series of reports accusing the Nicolás Maduro’s government of the systematic violation of human rights, including 7,000 executions.
Política Forbes - Estados Unidos Política Internacional David Axe

Now South Korea’s Getting An Aircraft Carrier, Too

21:00 - South Korea reportedly plans to order 20 F-35B stealth jump jets, a strong signal that the South Korean navy is moving forward with development of a light aircraft carrier.
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China To Grow Stronger In Latin America In Aftermath Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Chinese economic influence in Latin America is likely to gain strength in the post-pandemic era, with the Asian country playing a key role in regional infrastructure projects and investing in sectors like power generation and mining, according to M&A advisors, industry sources and academics.
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Trudeau afirma que Rusia no es bienvenida al G7

Hay que reconocer que el G7 es una reunión de naciones con ideas afines, por lo que “las acciones de Rusia, lo hacen no elegible, explicó el mandatario.
Argentina Forbes - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional

The US & China Could Lead The Global Economy Into A Quick Rebound, Helping Emerging Markets

It has become commonplace to note that the world will look different once the coronavirus pandemic is behind us. We’ve all learned the importance of washing our hands and how to jump on a video conference using Zoom or Skype, meaning we won’t need to go to the office ever again as face-to-face interaction is finally put to sleep.
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Argentina Needs Goodwill From Bondlords, Or Else

Friday is shaping up to be yet another Argentina bond default day. If it’s not, then Argentina has its investors to thank. It would mean they agreed to some sort of delay, despite already delaying payment on bonds due in the first quarter to sometime later in the fourth quarter. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino