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UK tells Argentina the Falklands 'NOT FOR NEGOTIATION' as countries attempt to mend ties

ARGENTINA and the UK should improve their relations but "not regarding the Falklands sovereignty", the British ambassador of the country has claimed.
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Brexit BOMBSHELL: EU exit delay could see UK lose BILLIONS and hand Gibraltar to Spain

THE UK could lose billions of pounds and control of Gibraltar to Spain if Brexit is delayed, as some MPs are demanding, according to a dramatic new report.
Política Express - Reino Unido Política Internacional Alice Scarsi

EU CIVIL WAR: Tusk takes a MAJOR SWIPE at Juncker over Romania nightmare presidency

DONALD Tusk took a swipe at Jean-Claude Juncker’s bitter take on Romania’s ability to lead the European Union, wishing the eastern European country “all the best” on the first day of its EU presidency.
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Katie Harris

Historian claims new evidence PROVES Argentina ’ s claim to Falkland Islands

A HISTORIAN has claimed to have uncovered new evidence to support Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands
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We could TAKE Falklands back after Brexit’ Argentinian foreign minister makes SHOCK claim

A NO-DEAL Brexit could help Argentina gain control of the Falklands Islands according to a provocative claim from Jorge Faurie, the country’s foreign minister, who stated the EU will end its support for the UK’s position.
Política Express - Reino Unido Política Internacional Romina McGuinness

Macron urges EU to step up deportation of illegal immigrants

18/09/18 - 15:21 - FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron has called on European countries to step up the deportation of illegal immigrants who are “not destined” to be granted asylum in a concerted effort to relieve pressure on frontline and host states.
Economía Express - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Carly Read

Trump trade war with China is 'BIGGEST RISK' to global economy, warns banking chief

04/09/18 - 16:37 - US President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has been dubbed “the biggest risk to the global economy” in a chilling warning from the vice chairman of one of the world’s biggest banks. 7 -
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Economía Tom Parfitt

Argentina and Turkey threaten to spark global financial 'CONTAGION'

03/09/18 - 17:34 - THE world economy could be plunged into chaos by the deepening financial turmoil in Argentina and Turkey, experts have warned.
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Argentina peso crisis: Germany welcomes crunch IMF talks as shock interest hike fails

31/08/18 - 12:56 - GERMANY has welcomed a financing deal between Argentina and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), saying they hope the two sides will find solutions to stabilise the economic situation in the South American country.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Economía Rachel Russell

Argentina Peso: Why is Argentina economy in trouble? What does it mean for global economy?

30/08/18 - 19:03 - Investors are panicking over Argentinean President Mauricio Macri’s handling of the country’s economic crisis. But why is the Argentina economy in trouble and what does it mean for global economy?
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OUTRAGE in Argentina as town hall flies British Falklands flag on Independence Day

13/07/18 - 15:19 - OFFICIALS in a small Argentinian town provoked outrage across the country when they accidentally raised a British Falkland Islands flag during Independence Day celebrations.
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Donald Trump warns EU it ‘WILL PAY big price’ if it doesn’t reduce trade barriers

13/07/18 - 13:43 - DONALD Trump has warned the EU he will make them pay for years of "taking advantage" of the United States – describing the situation as a "disgrace".
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UK tests £250m MISSILE system to defend Falkland Islands ‘in face of INTENSIFYING threats'

BRITAIN has successfully conducted its first live trial of a brand new missile defence system set to protect the Falkland Islands, almost 36 years after the end of the war with Argentina.
Economía Express - Reino Unido Joe Barnes

EU DIVIDED: Germany and France lock horns in desperate bid to halt US and Trump trade war

12:39 - EUROPEAN UNION divides are starting to grow as Germany is singled by colleagues on the European Council for wanting to pursue an entirely different US trade strategy from its peers.
Economía Express - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Matthew Robinson

UK to FORCE British tax havens to be more transparent after Tory MP's Bill amendment

THE UK will force overseas British tax havens to become more transparent in a bid to tackle money laundering and tax evasion, after the British Government withdrew its opposition to a Conservative amendment to new anti-money laundering laws last night in the House of Commons
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Simon Osborne

Britain threatens REVENGE on EU after Brussels set to BLOCK UK from major project

BRITAIN could launch its own satellite navigation system to rival the EU’s Galileo project after being snubbed by Brussels in a major Brexit security row.
Política Express - Reino Unido Política Internacional Laura Mowat

Trump brands Iran nuclear deal ‘INSANE’ as Macron urges USA not to pull out of pact

24/04/18 - 15:28 - President Donald Trump branded the three-year-old Iran nuclear deal “insane” and “ridiculous” at a meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron today and said Iran will have 'bigger problems' if they restart its nuclear program.
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'Betrayal' Fury as UK's bid for application to fish near the Falklands is SNUBBED

A BRITISH businessman told yesterday of his plans to revive our hard-pressed fishing industry by launching a new multi-million pound battle of the South Atlantic.
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Russia in financial free-fall as Syria backlash sees market conditions ‘like a volcano’

RUSSIA is facing financial turmoil after US sanctions against the country sparked the worst market session in four years in a backlash against Vladimir Putin’s support of Syria. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino