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Falkland Islands FURY: Argentina brand British ship in region 'new act of militarisation'

16/01 - 15:55 - A british vessel docking in the region has sparked fury from an Argentinian Secretary who has hit out at the UK accusing Britain of a "new act of militarisation".
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Falkland Islands: Argentina vows to never give up fighting for the Falklands

ARGENTINA has vowed to never give up they fight for the Falkland Islands in a warning from the South American nation’s President on the anniversary of the British winning the territory.
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EU crisis: Austria REJECTS major trade deal in huge blow for Brussels

AUSTRIA has thrown the European Union’s decades-long Mercosur trade talks into disarray after the country’s new government will not support the pact in its current form.
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Brexit triggers panic in Germany with fears exports to plummet ‘Brexit complicates trade!’

BREXIT could cripple the German farming industry due to tumbling exports and plummeting prices, Berlin has warned.
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Argentina ready to ramp up claim to Falkland Islands ‘Fight to defend!’

ARGENTINA has demanded an “active presence” in the Falkland Islands with Buenos Aires appearing ready to ramp up a claim to it - 38 years after Britain went to war with the South American nation over the territory.
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Falklands fury: Argentina President hits out at 'colonialist' UK in fresh Islands claim

FALKLAND ISLANDS tensions have erupted once more in recent months as the incoming Argentinian government ramp up their claim over the British territory, and now the new President in Buenos Aires – Alberto Fernandez – has made a scathing warning to Britain stating "there is no room for colonialism".
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Falklands shock: How Argentina planned to use Brexit to take back Islands

FALKLAND ISLANDS disputes never disappeared after Britain successfully defended the archipelago after the war with Argentina in 1982, and now as Brexit negotiations have taken the UK into another general election, it appears that politicians in Buenos Aires have long been praying for a no deal withdrawal from the EU to "enhance" their claim over the territory.
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Falklands at risk as Argentina's President lifts lid on talks with Jeremy Corbyn

THE FALKLAND ISLANDS have been thrust into the political limelight once again after Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernandez made a revelation that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called him last week as the new leader in Buenos Aires vows to take back the British archipelago.
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'We won't give an inch': Falkland Islander's defiant message to Argentina's new President

FALKLAND Islanders will NEVER give up their right to be British, a native of the famous archipelago in the South Atlantic has told Argentina's new President Alberto Fernandez.
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Falklands Islands betrayal: Residents terrified Corbyn would cave in to Argentina

Falkland Islanders are uneasy at the prospect of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being elected Prime Minister when UK goes to the polls on December 12 -because they fear he will negotiate its British sovereignty to Argentina, it was claimed today.
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Falkland plot exposed: Why Argentina’s president really wrote land grab letter to PM

THE FALKLAND Islands have been at the centre of UK-Argentina tensions for years, and an Argentine President even controversially wrote a letter to the British Prime Minister asking Britain to return the archipelago – but the letter may have been written with an ulterior motive, according to an unearthed article.
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Macron crisis: MPs facing threat of ‘physical violence’ as support plummets

EMMANUEL MACRON’S reformist agenda has become so unpopular in France that some of his MPs are now facing death threats and physical assaults.
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Falklands tops agenda of Argentina election as presidential hopefuls vow to defend islands

16/10 - 17:31 - Argentinian presidential hopefuls have vowed to fight for the return of the Falklands if they depose current leader Mauricio Macri in national elections later this month.
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‘Illegal!’ Argentina fury at new flight route for Falkland Islands

04/09 - 18:05 - ARGENTINA is facing an internal crisis after the Government approved plans for new flight path connecting the Falkland Islands to Brazil.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Katie Weston

Falklands War: Disputed islands 'must' be part of state policy vows Argentina ex-President

FORMER President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, declared the Falklands “must form” part of Argentina’s state policy”, in a tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Falklands War in 1982.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Simon Osborne

Argentina election: Primary victory for candidate who demands Falkland Islands land grab

13/08 - 15:47 - Voters in Argentina have rejected the austerity programme of President Mauricio Macri and backed opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez at the polls in primary elections.
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Iran crisis: Trump fury as China defies US sanctions to import oil from Tehran

DONALD TRUMP’S administration was put on high alert following the shock revelation China’s largest state-run oil firm is helping Iran to transport oil despite US sanctions against Tehran.
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Falkland Islands warning: Argentina demands UN reopen sovereignty talks

24/06 - 17:40 - ARGENTINA is heading to the United Nations (UN) to once again claim sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.
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Iran sends ominous THREAT to Trump saying US will face 'consequences' after oil sanctions

24/04 - 21:52 - IRAN’s foreign minister has threatened US President Donald Trump with ominous consequences following the US demanding buyers of Iranian oil to stop purchases.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Paul Withers

Falklands to negotiate OWN DEAL with EU after Brexit to regulate fishing - separate to UK

The Falkland Islands has for the first time announced it will negotiate an agreement with the European Union after Brexit to regulate fishing. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino