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Falkland Islands fury: Argentina rages at being 'unlawfully' excluded from huge operation

ARGENTINA has lashed out at the UK, claiming it was "unlawfully" excluded from a huge operation to remove landmines left over from the Falklands War - explosives which it put there in the first place.
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China's foothold in Argentina exposed as Xi Jinping outmanoeuvres Trump in South America

CHINA is set to further its influence in Argentina, as its leader Xi Jinping looks to outmanoeuvre US counterpart Donald Trump in South America, which could leave Washington isolated in the region.
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Falklands row: Argentina gains more allies over claim for Falkland Islands

CENTRAL American countries have declared their support for Argentine sovereignty over the Falkland Islands at the United Nations.
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EU free trade agreement sparked outrage in France – 'We won't agree at ANY price!'

THE EUROPEAN UNION's trade deal with the South American countries infuriated many in France as one minister warned he wouldn't sacrifice the country's agriculture.
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EU backlash: Fury at ‘dangerous trade deal even worse than feared’

THE EUROPEAN UNION faced internal pressure after signing a "dangerous" trade agreement, branded "worse than we thought" by a German MEP.
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‘Foolish!’ Tory MP savages Argentina's leader for 'tedious' Falkland Islands obsession

ARGENTINIAN President Alberto Fernandez's decision to focus on his country's quest for sovereignty of the Falkland Islands during his address to the United Nations yesterday was both foolish and "unbelievably boring", Tory MP Andrew Rosindell has said.
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Falklands fury: Argentina leader Fernandez blasts 'illegal UK occupation' in fiery UN rant

THE FALKLAND Islands belong to Argentina and are being "illegally occupied" by the United Kingdom, the South American country's leader has said during a bullish speech to the 75th United Nations General Assembly.
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Furious French farmers pictured burning EU flags in outrage at trade deal

THE EUROPEAN UNION was humiliated when farmers took to the streets to express their displeasure at a new international trade deal.
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Falklands power grab: Argentina's President will use UN in desperate bid to claim islands

ARGENTINA's President Alberto Fernandez will use his speech at 75th United Nations General Assembly today to stake a claim to the Falklands as part of his country's renewed sovereignty push.
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Falklands outrage: Argentina orders Uruguay pull down stand promoting Falklands

ARGENTINA has rejected the UK's presence at a Uruguayan event which angered tensions over the Falkland Islands.
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EU revolt: Germany threatens to plunge bloc into crisis by rejecting new trade deal

THE trade deal between the European Union and a bloc of South American countries was dealt a fresh blow after Germany criticised the pact.
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Falklands land grab: New book exposes 'bogus history' of Argentina's sovereignty claim

ARGENTINA's claim to the Falkland Islands is based on "bogus history" - and Buenos Aires has "not a leg to stand on" legally with respect to its ongoing sovereignty claim, the author of a new book has said.
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Furious Falkland Islands lash out after Argentina tries to use EU for fresh threat

AUTHORITIES from the Falkland Islands have hit back against Argentina's latest move to gain sovereignty of the region.
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Brexit shock: Boris Johnson loses the trust of Britons to deliver post-Brexit trade deals

BORIS JOHNSON is losing the trust of the public to deliver important trade deals with countries after he promised to obtain advantageous post-Brexit agreements.
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Falklands warning: UK needs to act in face of Argentina sabre-rattling, says MP

ARGENTINA's renewed belligerence with respect to the Falkland Islands clearly underlines just why the UK Government should consider making the remote archipelago a full member of the United Kingdom, Tory MP John Penrose has said.
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Argentines demand Falklands from Britain AGAIN amid sinister Government moves

ARGENTINA has put the Falkland Islands firmly back on the agenda after the country's Senate unanimously backed legislation sent by President Alberto Fernandez reasserting its claim to the British overseas territory in a move aimed at testing the UK's resolve.
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Falkland Islands warning: Argentina issues threat to Britain over military exercises

ARGENTINA has launched an attack on Britain over military exercises in the Falkland Islands as it intensifies its claim to seize back control of the British Overseas Territory.
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Falklands fisheries battle: Brexit trade talks erupt in fight for tariff-free squid

THE UK has demanded access to tariff-free Falkland Islands squid in Brexit negotiations as the two sides fight for access on fish.
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Falkland Islands power grab: Argentina send UK fiery warning ahead of crunch showdown

ARGENTINA'S President Alberto Fernandez has warned he will make reclaiming the Falklands Islands from Britain "a matter of state". es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino