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Argentina bulks up military with £483m investment in new fighter jets – Falklands fears

ARGENTINA is set to beef up its military with a multi-million pound investment in military jets as Falkland Island tensions simmer.
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Fishing fury: One million tonnes of Fukushima's radioactive waste to be dumped in Pacific

08:03 - RADIOACTIVE wastewater from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is set to be released into the Pacific Ocean, sparking fears for the safety of the fishing industry.
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These are OUR waters! Argentina launches Falklands power grab - UK companies targetted

17:28 - ARGENTINA has issued sanctions to three companies, two of which are British, for the alleged illegal exploitation of hydrocarbons in waters north of Falklands.
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China and Argentina join forces to bully Britain over Falkland Islands – ‘Colonialist!’

30/06 CHINA has backed Argentina's claim of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, setting alarm bells ringing in Westminster.
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‘No one speaking in UK's favour!’ Argentina aims jibe at Boris and demands Falklands talks

28/06 ARGENTINIAN minister Daniel Filmus has taunted Boris Johnson by claiming nobody spoke in favour of Britain during a meeting of a key United Nations committee last week which included the thorny issue of Falklands sovereignty on the agenda.
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Israel-Palestine ceasefire leaves Netanyahu 'more powerful' as Hamas hurt 'massively'

17:49 - ISRAEL and Palestinian militant group Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire in Gaza following eleven days of conflict.
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'We could not retake Falklands' Boris issued dire warning as defence cuts announced

BORIS Johnson has been warned by former Army General Lord Richards that Britain would "not be able to recapture Falklands" as planned defence cuts will increase the risk to the UK's national security.
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Brexit warning: Argentina to pressure EU into new talks to get control over Falklands

ARGENTINA will pressure the European Union into new talks to get control of the Falklands now the bloc no longer recognises overseas territories under British rule after Brexit.
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UK told to leverage Falkland Islands to gain upper hand on China in the new space race

A SPACE race is brewing and the UK has a unique opportunity to expand its surveillance capabilities should tension between China and the West reach critical mass. A policy paper published at King's College London has proposed using the Falklands to grow the UK's space industry and to establish a foothold in the Southern Hemisphere.
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EU plunged into crisis as Austria rejects key trade pact – shames bloc's green credentials

AUSTRIA will block the EU's landmark trade agreement with the Mercosur bloc of South American countries in another blow for the pact.
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Falklands row: Joe Biden's 'instinct' deals huge blow to Argentina's sovereignty claims

THE FALKLAND ISLANDS have been at the centre of sovereignty claims from Argentina for decades, but a change in support from US President and "friend of Latin America" Joe Biden is unlikely, dealing a huge blow to the nation, experts have told
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Putin sparked furious Falklands row as he demanded UK 'give back islands ‒ or else'

VLADIMIR PUTIN sparked a furious row with the UK over the Falkland Islands, after demanding sovereignty be handed to Argentina, intensifying already strained relations.
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Falklands plead with Brussels to keep 'status quo' now Brexit done 'EU wants our fish!'

FALKLAND islanders have asked European leaders in Brussels to keep trade flowing between the territory and the European Union in the wake of the Brexit trade deal.
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Falkland Islands demands urgent UK fishing intervention with EU - 'Facing perfect storm'

THE FALKLAND Islands has issued a desperate appeal to Boris Johnson in a bid to ensure the remote archipelago's economy - and particularly its fishing industry - is not devastated as the indirect result of a no deal Brexit.
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Falkland Islands power grab: Argentina launches bid for control using 55-year-old deal

ARGENTINA has warned the UK it is "advancing in various ways" its struggle for the Falklands Island.
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Falkland Islands fury: Argentina rages at being 'unlawfully' excluded from huge operation

ARGENTINA has lashed out at the UK, claiming it was "unlawfully" excluded from a huge operation to remove landmines left over from the Falklands War - explosives which it put there in the first place.
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China's foothold in Argentina exposed as Xi Jinping outmanoeuvres Trump in South America

CHINA is set to further its influence in Argentina, as its leader Xi Jinping looks to outmanoeuvre US counterpart Donald Trump in South America, which could leave Washington isolated in the region.
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Falklands row: Argentina gains more allies over claim for Falkland Islands

CENTRAL American countries have declared their support for Argentine sovereignty over the Falkland Islands at the United Nations. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino