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Brexit boost: How EU folded in last-minute trade talks concession

BREXIT talks have seen the EU take a tough stance with the UK. While Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be preparing for deadlock, he will be encouraged by Brussels' last minute concession during another set of negotiations, which also infuriated two of the bloc's most influential members.
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Falklands fury: Argentina demands sports team plays under shock ‘Islas Malvinas’ title

ARGENTINA is demanding a Falkland Islands team play under the title "Islas Malvinas" or withdraw from an international sporting event.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Simon Osborne

Argentina confident UN ruling will allow them to make grab for the Falkland Islands

03/02 - 13:15 - BREXIT could have a direct impact on Argentina's claim of sovereignty over the Falklands, according to officials in Buenos Aires.
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Falklands fury: How Argentine ambassador claimed Islanders are FORCED to remain British

FALKLAND ISLANDS disputes have emerged once more following the election of President Alberto Fernandez in Argentina as he vows to continue his country's claim over the British Islands. As the government in Buenos Aires continues to challenge the UK over the territory, one important figure could try and wield influence from the US.
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Falklands Islands warning: Argentina election sets alarm bells ringing over ‘sovereignty’

22/10 - 14:06 - Britain could face a second Falklands threat - 36 years after Margaret Thatcher declared war against Argentine forces for invading the British-owned territory - due to a Buenos Aires politician tipped to win the South American nation’s election and who has told of his plot to claim the archipelago.
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Alice Scarsi

Falklands anger: Argentina issues ‘sovereignty’ threat to UK as row over flights erupts

AN ARGENTINE Governor has criticised his Government for “surrendering” the Falkland Islands after a Brazilian Airline confirmed it will introduce new flights to link the British island to South America.
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Argentina wants Falklands Islands deal with UK after signing trade agreement with EU

01/07 - 18:59 - THE EUROPEAN UNION’s new trade deal with Argentina has fuelled a desire for the country to hold talks with the UK over the Falkland Islands.
Economía Express - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Ciaran McGrath

Russia takes on EU: Vladimir Putin extends brutal boycott on Brussels food imports

RUSSIA’s President Vladimir Putin has extended a ban on food imports from the EU until the end of next year, according to a Kremlin document.
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Falkland Islands threat: Argentina wants to claim UK territory in ‘not so distant future’

ARGENTINA wants to claim the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands from the UK in the “not so distant future”, the country’s foreign minister has warned.
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Europe ON EDGE at Munich Security Conference as fears over Trump pulling out of NATO vow

EUROPE’S NATO Allies fear Donald Trump will pull out of the historical agreement establishing collective defence unless more member states start meeting the two percent spending target.
Economía Express - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Freddie Jordan

Europe PANIC: The EU is getting 'more FRAGILE DAILY' amidst single market

31/01 - 17:02 - The European Union is getting more fragile every day and they will consequently stop at nothing to preserve their weakening single market, according to former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Harvey Gavin

No-deal Brexit would DECIMATE fishing industry, warns Falklands - 'DON'T forget about us'

THE FALKLAND Islands’ government has warned a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for its fishing industry as officials warned Theresa May: “Don’t forget about us”.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Marco Giannangeli

Falklands fears as Argentina stages MOCK INVASION in country’s largest exercise in DECADES

ARGENTINA has staged a mock invasion of the Falkland Islands, government sources have revealed.
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US TRADE WAR: Trump adopts Cold War-era ‘ESCALATE TO NEGOTIATE’ strategy in China battle

02/08/18 - 12:06 - DONALD Trump is adopting an "escalate to negotiate" strategy towards China akin to the approach used during the Cold War, threatening a dramatic hike in tariffs in a bid to force a resumption of trade talks while the US economy remains strong, an economist has said.
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Britain unlikely to use new aircraft carriers in Falklands-style conflict, suggests UK's national security adviser

The UK’s national security adviser has cast doubt on whether the Government would send Britain’s new aircraft carriers into a one-on-one conflict with another country.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Joey Millar

Falklands FURY: Argentina BLOW TOP over BEER LABEL which claims islands are BRITISH

26/04/18 - 17:06 - ARGENTINA has blown its top over a beer bottle label which identifies the Falkland Islands - correctly - as belonging to Britain.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas JOHN THALASSITES

British fishermen BETRAYED: Boris Johnson attacked for selling Falklands fishing rights

BORIS Johnson has been accused of betraying British fishermen after signing fishing contracts in South Atlantic waters with foreign companies.
Política Express - Reino Unido Política Internacional Matthew Robinson

‘We WON'T hold UK hostage’ Spain BACKTRACKS on hostile Brexit position over Gibraltar

SPAIN is set to renounce its hostile Brexit position and threats to derail the UK’s transition deal over Gibraltar after Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said Spain would not turn Brexit into a “hostage-type situation”, it has been reported. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino