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Anti-UK Argentine President suffers electoral catastrophe – Falklands power grab backfires

13/09 THE President of Argentina has suffered a humiliating result in the midterm primary elections - a year after he launched a bitter attack on the UK's sovereignty of the Falkland Islands.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Ciaran McGrath

Falklands fury: 'Chilling' plot to criminalise denial of Argentina's 'sovereignty' claim

ARGENTINA's plan to make the denial of its claim of the Falklands a criminal offence is "chilling", a UK MP has said.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas

Argentina plots law making it a crime to deny their claim on the Falkland Islands

08:45 - ARGENTINA is considering the introduction of a controversial new law which would make it a crime for individuals to deny the country's claim over the Falkland Islands.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Rachel Russell

We must not surrender! Argentina hits out at 'British colonialists' in Falklands row

ARGENTINA has lashed out at "British colonialists" in its latest attack which risks igniting a huge row over the Falklands.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Steven Brown

Plundering OUR land! Falklands fury as Argentina erupts at 'criminal and illegitimate' UK

04/08 ARGENTINA has hit out at a UK company for operating from the Falkland Islands without permission.
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Mercosur SEBASTIAN KETTLEY

Amazon rainforest has 'reached point of no return' – scientists sound doomsday alarm

THE AMAZON rainforest has hit the "point of no return" as scientists sound doomsday alarm bells on the "Lungs of the Earth" burning.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas KRIS BORATYN

Falklands row rekindled as over 80% of Argentina wants to reclaim British islands

30/07 A ROW over the Falkland Islands has been rekindled after 80 percent of Argentines claimed they want to reclaim the British Overseas Territory, according to a survey.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas KRIS BORATYN

Falkland Islands probe: Argentina starts search to identify soldiers killed in war

29/07 - 14:54 - ARGENTINA will start a search to identify remains of Argentine soldiers who died in the Falklands War in 1982.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas

Argentina refuses to give up desperate claim on Falkland Islands 'in the hearts of all'

27/07 - 13:39 - ARGENTINA has refused to give up its claim over the Falklands, stating with nationalistic flare that the South Atlantic islands are "in the hearts of all Argentines".
Argentina Express - Reino Unido Malvinas

Falklands bust-up: Argentina ‘should think twice before starting a fight' with UK

09:35 - ARGENTINA has been warned it should "think twice" before "starting a fight" with the UK over the Falklands - with the UK now capable of rapidly "taking out" the country's air force and navy.
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Política Joel Day

Falklands at risk after China urged Argentina to use 'strength' against 'arrogant' UK

15/07 THE FALKLANDS ISLANDS have been subject to heated debate and conflict between the UK and Argentina for decades, with a Chinese academic arguing that "strength" must be used in order to solve the dispute.
Política Express - Reino Unido Política Internacional Dylan Donnelly

China threatens US with 'serious consequences' for 'trespassing' in Taiwan move

17:25 - CHINA has threatened the US with "serious consequences" if it continues its actions over Taiwan's airspace.
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Malvinas OLIVER PRITCHARD-JONES

Falklands will ALWAYS be ours!' Argentina issues furious threat – fears of fresh UK row

ARGENTINA has arrogantly insisted the UK restart talks about the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands despite its inhabitants overwhelmingly wishing to remain British.
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Ciaran McGrath

'Argentina shows NO remorse!' Falklands fury over new takeover plot – urgent plea issued

24/06 ARGENTINA has "never shown any remorse" for invading the Falkland Islands in 1982, and has created a phoney "mythology" in a bid to bolster its sovereignty claim, Mark Pollard, chairman of the remote archipelago's Legislative Assembly, has told a United Nations committee.
Sr. Canciller Express - Reino Unido Malvinas BRIAN MCGLEENON

They won't give up! Desperate Argentina to beg UN to intervene in Falkland Islands row

22/06 ARGENTINA'S authorities have travelled to the UN headquarters in New York to fight for their sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Ciaran McGrath

'Waste of time!' Falklands row erupts as Argentina told to drop 'bellicose' threats

ARGENTINA's fixation with the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is pointless and will achieve nothing except to undermine relations with the UK, a Tory MP has warned after Buenos Aires staked a fresh claim on the remote archipelago.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Ciaran McGrath

Falklands row boils over as Argentina says UK 'usurped territory' and 'plundered' wealth

ARGENTINA has thrown down the gauntlet over the Falkland Islands after senior Government Minister Daniel Filmus lashed out in a caustic diatribe in which he accused the UK of "usurping" the remote archipelago and "plundering" its wealth.
Cancillería Express - Reino Unido Malvinas CALLUM HOARE

BBC exposed how France helped Argentina strike ‘arrogant’ Royal Navy ship during Falklands

THE BBC has revealed how France sold Argentina missiles that were used to strike a Royal Navy ship sunk during the Falklands War. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino