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Argentina entra en su semana clave a la espera de la respuesta de los acreedores

Comienza la cuenta atrás para Argentina. Este viernes concluye el plazo dado por su Gobierno a los acreedores privados para aceptar o no su plan de reestructuración de la deuda. Argentina ofrece un canje de bonos por valor de 61.000 millones de euros. La propuesta supone a su vez rebajar los intereses a pagar en un 62%.
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¿Cómo contuvo Argentina la propagación del coronavirus?

Argentina vive en un aislamiento social obligatorio desde el pasado 20 de marzo, un tiempo en el que las excepciones a la cuarentena han sido mínimas y que ha provocado una de las curvas de contagiados del coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 menos pronunciadas del continente.
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A EU-Turkey trade pact is a better solution to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis than aid ǀ View

The violence in Syria, which has stretched now for nearly a decade, is reaching a crescendo with the Assad regime’s latest assault on the Idlib province in northern Syria. Millions of Syrians are once again forced to flee violence in the last major region outside the control of the brutal regime. Turkey is, again, shouldering an enormous responsibility in assisting the vast majority of those displaced seeking safety from the latest round of violence. Turkey is already home to over 3.6 million Syrian refugees who have fled the bullets and barrel bombs of an unjust war.
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“Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons is a sovereign decision of a state” says head of IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency is the world's nuclear watchdog, and its role regarding the Iran nuclear deal that was signed in 2015 has grown ever more prominent since Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the deal in 2018.
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Macron: Poland, Germany and France to lead Europe after Brexit

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday called for closer ties with Poland in shaping the European Union without Britain, in European security and relations with Russia.
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EU foreign policy chief Borell says Trump peace plan unlikely to succeed

Europe’s new foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan was unlikely to succeed as he prepared to make his first visit to Iran
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Slovenia Prime Minister Marjan Šarec resigns and calls for new elections

Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec announced his resignation on Monday and called for new elections as the country's coalition struggles with political deadlock.
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European ministers meet to salvage Iran nuclear deal

European foreign ministers are expected to discuss the Iran crisis at an emergency meeting in Brussels on Friday after US President Donald Trump urged allies to “break away” from the 2015 nuclear deal.
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Five key points from Russian president Vladimir Putin's four-hour news conference

19/12 - 16:47 - Vladimir Putin said Russia’s Olympic doping ban was unjustified and warned that global warming could be “a disaster” for its northern territories as he answered questions at his annual televised news conference in Moscow.
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Boris Johnson nervous as election looms, despite Conservative lead in the polls

Britain is now just days away from a general election, which could seal the fate of Brexit, and the UK for years to come.
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La incertidumbre persistente desacelera la economía de la UE

A medida que nos acercamos al cierre del ejercicio, los datos siguen confirmando que el ritmo de crecimiento del bloque comunitario se ralentiza. Sin embargo, a veces los desafíos plantean nuevas oportunidades. Un buen ejemplo de ello es Grecia, que se dispone a hacer negocios con China.
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Turkey is a leading NATO member. It’s time this commitment was recognised, not criticised

Turkey continues to exhibit its commitment to NATO in the most meaningful ways a country can. As one of its earliest members, we have the second largest armed forces in the Alliance, and with roughly 1.9% of our GDP going to NATO, we are one of its top contributors and have committed to raising this to the target 2% by 2024.
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Emmanuel Macron's NATO 'brain dead' comment: It's served as a 'wake-up call', says French president

Emmanuel Macron has stood by his damning comments about the "brain death" of NATO following a meeting with the alliance's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.
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Ursula von der Leyen says 'Europe can shape global order' after her Commission approved

European Union Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen has won support for the make-up of her new commission by MEPs.
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El conservador Iohannis arrasa y revalida mandato

El líder conservador ha sido reelegido en el cargo en la segunda vuelta de las elecciones presidenciales. Iohannis logró en torno al 63% de los votos, frente al 37% de su rival, la socialdemócrata Viorica Dancil
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Who are Ursula Von de Leyen's new picks for Romania, France and Hungary?

Ursula Von de Leyen faces a final vote at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, after replacement picks for Hungary, Romania and France were approved by the European Commission.
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EU reaches deal on 2020 budget, boosts funds for climate change, EU borders

European Union governments, parliament and the executive Commission reached a deal late on Monday on the bloc’s 2020 budget that boosts spending on fighting climate change, EU border protection and setting up Europe’s own satellite system.
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La UE no financiará industrias contaminantes

Los ministros de finanzas de la Unión Europeo le piden al Banco Europeo de Inversiones que suspenda la financiación de proyectos de petróleo, gas y carbón.
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Romania Romania PM Ludovic Orban survives confidence vote

Romania’s centrist government led by Prime Minister Ludovic Orban survived a confidence vote on Monday, just days before presidential elections on November 10 and 24.
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Oil drops after data shows industrial profits decline in China

After strong gains last week, oil prices were slightly lower on Monday as data released in China reinforced signs that its economy is slowing, though progress in China-U.S. trade talks has supported prices es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino