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Argentina's lithium boom

Argentina is in the early stages of a lithium boom, with over 60 projects in development in the north of the country, which forms a section of the "lithium triangle", an area straddling part of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia that is believed to hold much of the world's known lithium resources. The announcement of new export taxes in September highlighted the continuing risk of volatility in conditions for longer‑term investors. But the temporary tax should not materially affect future profitability and, dependent on continuing progress on supporting infrastructure, competitiveness, regulations and institutionality, the sector is likely to remain attractive to mining investors.
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Latin Americans are dejected about democracy

Voters across the region are increasingly dissatisfied with politics in their countries. That is worrying
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Think of China as a giant sub-prime lender in Latin America

Relations with Brazil and Venezuela show how little ideology matters to the People’s Republic in its global strategy
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Jair Bolsonaro and the perversion of liberalism

Reviving Latin America’s unholy marriage between market economics and political authoritarianism
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The next recession

Toxic politics and constrained central banks could make the next downturn hard to escape.
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Why backing coups in Latin America is a bad idea

Odious though Venezuela’s regime may be, America should have nothing to do with putsch plotters
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Latin America’s new media are growing up

As feisty news start-ups mature, the established media they set out to challenge are becoming more like them es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino