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Social and labour market indicators worsen in 2018

Even though we maintain our view that an economic recovery will materialise in sequential terms and that voters will feel the benefit of the same, risks to this outlook are substantial, with ramifications for the October elections.
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How Argentina and Japan continue to confound macroeconomists

Exceptions and rules - Bold new policy frameworks have failed to break long-standing habits
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New policies announced to strengthen stabilisation programme

Event: On March 14th the government announced an array of new policy measures as it looks to improve its communication about ongoing stabilisation efforts.
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Neuquén election results give Cambiemos symbolic win

The elections maintained the status quo: Omar Gutiérrez of the moderate Movimiento Popular Neuquino (MPN, a party that dominates local politics) was re-elected governor.
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Mauricio Macri’s long odds

In his bid to win a second term, Argentina’s president is defying history
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Candidates line up to unseat Mauricio Macri

Will Argentina’s president face a moderate challenger or an unrepentant populist?
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The global soyabean market has been upended

There may be permanent effects. The cause of the crash was a 25% tariff on American soya beans imposed by China, the world’s biggest importer, as one shot in the trade war between the two countries. Yet peace is supposedly in the offing.
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Government announces tax relief for small businesses

Event- Seeking to boost formal employment and reduce tax pressure on small businesses, the government has announced arise in the tax-free threshold for employers' social security contributions
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Government's energy policy comes under scrutiny

After months of complex negotiations, and with no easy way out of the deadlock, the government announced in January that it would reduce subsidies for gas production in the Vaca Muerta shale deposits in the Neuquén province.
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Macri and Vidal present united front

08/02 - Event : Ending weeks of speculation, the governor of Buenos Aires province, María Eugenia Vidal, has confirmed that provincial elections will take place on October27th, at the same time as the presidential vote, meaning that Ms Vidal will campaign alongside the president, Mauricio Macri.
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Government presents 2019 - 20 financial programme

On January 7th the Treasury department presented its plan to meet its financing requirements in 2019 and 2020. The programme, which importantly does not rely on raising finance in international capital markets, has served to ease investors' concerns about fiscal sustainability
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After a disastrous year, a whiff of optimism is in the air

Mauricio Macri hopes for a recovery in time to boost his chances of re-election
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Politics this week

The hard Brexiteers in Britain’s Conservative Party opposed to Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the eu struggled to get enough support to depose her.
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Argentina's lithium boom

Argentina is in the early stages of a lithium boom, with over 60 projects in development in the north of the country, which forms a section of the "lithium triangle", an area straddling part of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia that is believed to hold much of the world's known lithium resources. The announcement of new export taxes in September highlighted the continuing risk of volatility in conditions for longer‑term investors. But the temporary tax should not materially affect future profitability and, dependent on continuing progress on supporting infrastructure, competitiveness, regulations and institutionality, the sector is likely to remain attractive to mining investors. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino