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Government announces debt reprofiling programme

On August 28th the newly appointed Treasury minister, Hernán Lacunza, announced a battery of measures aimed at reprofiling the public debt, in order to lengthen maturities and narrow the near- and medium-term financing gap.
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Argentina’s crisis shows the limits of technocracy

Mr Macri is not quite beaten yet. The presidential election is not until October 27th. But in Argentina’s peculiar system, the primaries are a dress rehearsal. Few think he can overturn a 16-point deficit in nine weeks. The fact that the peso crashed after the primary result will add to inflation of 50% a year and makes his task even harder.
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Might Mauricio Macri be reelected in Argentina?

Primary elections will give a strong hint of what his chances are. The primary election has no practical effect at the presidential level, because both Mr Macri and Mr Fernández are unchallenged within their parties. But since all Argentines over the age of 16 are legally obliged to vote, it functions in effect as a dry run of the October election.
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Macri gains ground ahead of August 11th primary vote

The presidential election campaign is heating up ahead of the nationwide open primaries on August 11th. Given that the candidates for all of the political coalitions are running unopposed, the vote will effectively serve as a trial run for the first round of the presidential election, which is scheduled for October 27th.
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Venezuelan exodus forces regional adjustment

The mass exodus of Venezuelans to neighbouring countries is causing political, fiscal and labour market tensions across Latin America and the Caribbean. Four neighbouring countries in particular—Colombia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador—have accepted over two-thirds of the Venezuelan diaspora. Comparatively speaking, the process has been free of major problems.
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Latin America and Europe have much to gain from closer ties

Even today, although the United States is the main trading partner of Latin America as a whole, Mercosur (which includes Paraguay and Uruguay) does nearly half as much trade again with the European Union.
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EIU global forecast -Central banks braced for slower growth

The world's goods-producing industries are under pressure. Amid shrinking global trade volumes, global manufacturing activity stalled in the first half of 2019, and in some developed economies the housing and construction boom that built up over a decade of ultra-loose monetary policy has peaked. Although low unemployment rates continue to fuel the service economy, a growing number of central banks have begun to prepare financial markets for policy easing.
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Argentina’s main presidential candidates are ignoring the biggest problems

Mauricio Macri doesn’t want to talk about the economy. Alberto Fernández wants to keep the focus off his running mate
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Latin America’s state-run oil giants are struggling

States control about 90% of the world’s oil and gas reserves. They do so in different ways, as Latin America illustrates.The companies are unprepared for the looming energy transition
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Industrial and construction activity improve in May

The latest data from INDEC, the national statistics institute, show that both industrial and construction output rose in sequential terms in May.
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A new trade deal has FOMO as its secret sauce

The aim is to make President Donald Trump feel like he is missing out. The motiveforce behind trade deals is supposed to be “fomo”—the fear of missing out. If negotiators fail to grab new markets for their exporters, the theory goes, rivals may snap those markets up first.
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More utilities tariff increases put on hold

With an eye on his prospects of re-election in October, the president, Mauricio Macri, will be extremely concerned with the impact of utilities tariff increases (necessary to reduce subsidies and close the fiscal gap) on inflation and consumer purchasing power.
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Unconventional oil and gas operations drive energy growth

According to the Argentinean Institute of Energy, both oil and natural gas output rose in yea-on-year terms in April, by 4.3% and 1.8% respectively.
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In Argentina, the IMF has been neither toxic nor triumphant

Investors also fear a resumption of capital flight by residents, especially if Mr Macri looks likely to lose the October election to his populist opponents, led by Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a former president. Mr Macri’s government is in a bind. Tougher measures to appease creditors will anger voters—and angry voters will alarm creditors, who fear Ms Fernández’s return.
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Latin America's flagging recovery

After having faltered in 2018—owing in no small part to weaknesses in Argentina and Brazil—Latin America was slated for a mild cyclical upturn in 2019. However, early economic indicators suggest that the improvement is likely to be significantly weaker than initially anticipated.
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Macri surprises with vice-presidential pick

Event On June 11th the president, Mauricio Macri, announced that a senator, Miguel Pichetto of the moderate faction of the opposition Partido Justicialista (PJ, the Peronist party), will be his running-mate in the presidential election this October.
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Government seeks to lend impetus to recovery

The government has announced a number of measures to boost economic growth, which has been struggling to pick up outside the agricultural sector. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino