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Industrial production and construction recede sharply in May

According to the national statistics institute (INDEC), both industrial production (IP) and construction activity contracted sharply in sequential terms in May, reflecting the impact of a lockdown imposed by the government towards the end of the month. Although preliminary data point to a statistical rebound in June (when restrictions were partially eased), the strength of the recovery over the rest of the year will hinge on the coronavirus vaccine rollout.
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Argentinian government takes over key waterway

On July 1st the president, Alberto Fernández, signed an executive decree temporarily handing over control of the Hidrovía Paraná-Paraguay, the country's most important waterway, to the Administración General de Puertos Sociedad del Estado (AGP, the state‑owned port administrator). Although maintenance works for the waterway are to be subcontracted to a private firm, this will only partly allay concerns about growing state intervention in the economy.
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Latin America’s national identities are being questioned

Statues are being toppled in Colombia, while Mexico has apologised to the Mayans
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What's next for Argentina and the IMF?

The Economist Intelligence Unit has, for some time now, been highlighting the growing risk that the Argentinian authorities could fail to secure a new IMF lending arrangement this year. A number of factors are impeding a relatively rapid deal, including the government's mixed messaging, its policy inconsistencies and its susceptibility to political pressure. On this basis, there is substantial risk attached to our expectation that an IMF deal will be signed in the first quarter of 2022. In this article, we draw out the implications for our baseline forecast, along with alternative scenarios that could play out should negotiations with the Fund drag on or break down altogether.
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Argentina avoids new default, but problems stir elsewhere

On June 22nd the economy minister, Martín Guzmán, announced that the government had reached an agreement with Paris Club creditors to avoid defaulting on July 31st, when the grace period on a US$2.5bn payment was set to expire. Although the development is positive, it is hardly a remedy for Argentina's ailing investment climate.
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Argentina's external debt woes continue

In recent days Argentina's troubled finances have once again been in the spotlight. On May 31st the federal government missed a payment of about US$2.4bn owed to the Paris Club group of bilateral creditors. The clock is now running on a 60-day grace period, by the end of which the Argentinian authorities must either reach a refinancing agreement with the Paris Club, service the debt in full, or fall into default once again.
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State takes over industrial firm IMPSA

On May 31st government officials confirmed that the state would capitalise an industrial conglomerate, IMPSA, effectively becoming the majority shareholder. Following the purchase of US$20m in new shares, the federal government will own 64% of the company, with the provincial government of Mendoza owning an additional 21%. The bailout came at IMPSA's own request, owing to its distressed finances. We do not believe that the takeover is a prelude to a new wave of expropriations.
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In need of reform

Brasília is full of new politicians and old ideas
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A dream deferred

03/06 After a generation of progress, social mobility is slowing in Brazil
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The captain and his country

15:11 - Brazil is backsliding. Politicians, businesses and voters must act before it is too late, says Sarah Maslin
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Covid-19 is inspiring separatism in Argentina’s winelands

Independence is a sozzled fantasy, but calls for autonomy will grow es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino