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One-third of EU firms hit hard by US-China trade war

The ongoing trade tensions between the world's two largest economies and tit-for-tat tariffs have adversely affected the fortunes of many European companies in China, a new survey reveals. The outlook remains gloomy.
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German economy fends off recession, grows 0.4% in first quarter of 2019

Despite a poor end to 2018, the first quarter has seen a rise in GDP. The growth comes thanks to strong consumer spending and a boom in the construction industry, according to figures from the Federal Statistics Office.
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Fresh IMF deal a 'political blow' to Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan has secured a multibillion-dollar bailout package from the IMF in a desperate attempt to get out of a crippling economic situation. But the road to strengthen the nation's finances is tough.
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Japan's prime minister talks trade with EU leaders

Japan and the EU have agreed to increase cooperation on trade, the environment and security. The two sides enacted a large trade deal in February, an agreement they believe counters the "global trends of protectionism."
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Germany's Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank end merger talks

Germany's two largest lenders have called off any further discussions about a merger. Berlin had promoted the idea of creating a banking "champion" capable of supporting Germany's export-orientated economy.
Economía Die Welt - Alemania Thomas Kohlmann

High hopes for India's economy after elections

The Indian economy has grown under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who came into office on a wave of economic populism. But anyone who thought India's growth would explode like its Asian neighbor China will have to wait.
Economía Die Welt - Alemania Economía Internacional Michael Knigge

World Bank urges financial inclusion as growth falters in Europe and Central Asia

The economic outlook for the 23 countries that make up the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia unit is gloomy. To improve things, the unit's chief economist Asli Demirguc-Kunt suggests a push for financial inclusion.
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Report shows stark effect Brexit will have on Irish economy, deal or no deal

Happy Brexit Day! Well, not quite. But on the day the UK was originally scheduled to leave the EU, several scenarios remain on the table. And a new report shows that all of them spell bad news for Ireland.
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Chinese investments in Europe: German EU commissioner floats EU veto right

Alarm bells are ringing over Italy's involvement in Beijing's infrastructure project. EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger thinks an EU veto over future Chinese deals in Europe could protect the continent.
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Police fired tear gas at demonstrators in Nicaragua as they tried to take part in an anti-government protest, with over 100 people detained.

Over 100 opposition supporters, including high-profile government critics, were detained in Nicaragua as police prevented a protest against President Daniel Ortega in Managua. Security forces fired tear gas and opened fire at protesters on Saturday, although it was not immediately clear if live ammunition was used.
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Brasil: tras 4 años de pérdidas, Petrobras tuvo un buen 2018

La petrolera estatal Petrobras cerró 2018 con un beneficio neto de casi 7 mil millones de dólares.
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Germany closed 2018 with record budget surplus

A record budget surplus totaling €58 billion was made by Germany's federal, regional and communal governments last year. But the economy has been slowing down, and there's widespread concern that's not about to change.
Economía Die Welt - Alemania Alexander Pearson

Germany's Wolfgang Schäuble calls for EU reform

The man who became synonymous with Germany's insistence on austerity during the eurozone debt crisis wants the bloc to have a common budget and finance minister. He also thinks decision-making should be streamlined.
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Germany avoids recession with flat final 2018 quarter

Slow global trade, auto industry troubles and low water on the Rhine all contributed to a final-quarter growth of zero percent, meaning Europe's biggest economy dodged a technical recession by the smallest of margins.
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NATO chief Stoltenberg bats for expanded INF treaty deal with more members

Jens Stoltenberg has said countries such as China and India could be brought on board to save the key nuclear pact. The INF treaty is headed for a collapse after the US and Russia said they would walk out of the deal.
Política Die Welt - Alemania Política Internacional Rob Mudge

EU nations recognize Venezuela's Juan Guaido as acting president

International pressure on Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro to call early elections is increasing, as the list of EU countries recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president gets longer.
Economía Die Welt - Alemania Relaciones Bilaterales Andreas Knobloch

Cuba - EE.UU.: sector agrícola quiere libre comercio

Agricultores estadounidenses se reunieron en Cuba con el Gobierno de la isla para buscar mejoras en el sector del agro. Pero las condiciones políticas nos son del todo favorables.
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Irán denuncia “guerra económica” estadounidense

El presidente iraní dijo hoy que su país "derrotará con orgullo" las sanciones "ilegales" de EE.UU., después de la entrada en vigor de la segunda ronda de represalias estadounidenses.
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Argentinien, Mexiko wetteifern mit Bondplänen um Investoren

04/01 - Während sich Argentinien noch beeilt sich, in diesem Monat eine 10 Milliarden Dollar schwere Bondemission an den Markt bringen, hat Mexiko seine Anleihepläne bereits angekündigt. Die größten...
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"Keine Spur des verschollenen U-Boots"

14:07 - Der internationale Rettungseinsatz für das im Südatlantik verschollene argentinische U-Boot «ARA San Juan» ist zu einem dramatischen Rennen gegen die Zeit geworden.
www.prensa.cancilleria.gob.ar es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino