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Thousands of Argentines march to demand answers on missing protester

Thousands of people marched through Argentina's capital on Friday to demand that a young protester, who has been missing since security forces clashed with indigenous activists in Patagonia 10 days ago, appear alive.
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You and whose air force? Argentina grounds ALL its jet fighters and will scrap work for pilots on Mondays and Tuesdays to cut costs amid sabre-rattling over the Falkland Islands

Only active fighters in Argentina's air force are propeller aircraft from the 1970s. Its Lockheed Martin A-4AR Skyhawk jets, used in Falklands War, now grounded. Two years ago, it retired last Dassault Mirage III fighters and has no replacement. Despite this, Argentina still cannot resist digs at Britain over Falkland Islands.
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Philip Hammond visits Argentina for trade talks

Chancellor Philip Hammond has become the first British Cabinet minister to visit Argentina in 16 years.
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Argentina hit drags down Aggreko's first-half profit

Aggreko, the world's largest temporary power provider, said its results were hurt by lower pricing on its Argentina contracts as it reported a 10 percent fall in first-half profit.
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Brazil mulls foot-and-mouth vaccine change after U.S. beef ban

Brazil may change the formula of its foot-and-mouth vaccines, the country's agriculture ministry said on Monday, a move that follows a U.S. ban on imports of fresh Brazilian beef that is linked to abscesses found on carcasses.
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Argentina wins approval to export lemons to Mexico for first time

Argentina will be able to export lemons to Mexico for the first time after sanitary inspection agencies from the two countries reached a deal, Argentina's agriculture ministry said on Thursday.
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Mercosur-Egypt trade deal to go into force in a month -Argentina

Argentina said Wednesday that it has sent the regional bloc Mercosur its ratification of the group's 2010 trade agreement with Egypt, and the pact will go into force within a month.
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China c.bank extends currency swap agreement with Argentina

China's central bank said on Tuesday it has extended a bilateral swap agreement with Argentina with both countries signing a 70 billion yuan ($10.37 billion) swap deal for another three years.
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INTERVIEW: Mercadolibre to debut lending, logistics services in Brazil

Argentine online marketplace Mercadolibre Inc is diving into areas like lending and logistics management, which once belonged exclusively to large financial and retail groups, to increase market share in Brazil, a top executive said.
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Just THREE MILES of ice is now preventing an iceberg bigger than Delaware breaking off from Antarctica

A chunk of ice bigger than the US state of Delaware is hanging 'by a thread' from the West Antarctic ice shelf, satellite images revealed Wednesday.
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Argentina gives green light to budget airline Flybondi

Argentina's transportation ministry authorized low-cost airline FB Lineas Aereas, known commercially as Flybondi, to operate domestic and international flights, according to a notice published Thursday in the country's official gazette.
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Chile, Argentina leaders pledge cooperation; express concern over Venezuela

The leaders of neighboring Chile and Argentina pledged on Tuesday to further integrate the countries' economies and expressed mutual concern about the unrest in Venezuela.
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Investors look toward further Argentina reforms after MSCI snub

BUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK, June 21 (Reuters) - The surprise decision by benchmark investment index provider MSCI to not promote Argentina to its emerging markets stock index could delay much-needed investment in the country, showing that President Mauricio Macri's reform agenda is still far from complete, investors said on Wednesday.
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Argentina's return to MSCI EM index seen as a sure thing

U.S. index provider MSCI is all but sure to promote Argentina next week to its emerging market index after relegating the country to the frontier index since 2009, investors said, and some expressed worries that prices that ran up ahead of the move will fall after it is announced.
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Argentina's grain inspectors delay wage strike -union

Argentina's grains inspectors union delayed a previously announced three-day nationwide wage strike that was expected to start just after midnight on Monday, in order to participate in negotiations, the URGARA trade union said in a statement.
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