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Argentine doctors protest legal abortion ahead of key vote

A campaign to expand legal abortions in the homeland of Pope Francis is bitterly dividing Argentines - and increasingly even the profession that would be asked to carry them out.
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British firms will sell arms to Argentina for first time in six years after ministers hail dramatic thaw in relations

Tough restrictions imposed on arms sales to Argentina in 2012 amid tensions Relations have improved significantly since Mauricio Macri became President Ministers say it is now 'appropriate' to ease the rules and allow arms sales
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Boris Johnson assured of Chilean trade deal `moment Brexit takes place

Chile’s foreign minister has assured Boris Johnson that an “advantageous” trade deal between his country and the UK can come into effect “the moment Brexit takes place”
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A third of the world's murders happen in Latin America where 2.5 MILLION have been killed since 2000 in a 'breathtaking' wave of homicidal violence, study finds

Region has 8% of global population but accounts for a third of world's murders. Study found 2.5 million Latin Americans have 'been killed violently since 2000'. Brazilian think-tank says the scale of scale of homicidal violence is 'breathtaking'. Of the 20 nations with highest homicide rates, 17 are in Latin America, study says
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British army now has more than 17,000 troops unfit to fight in all theatres with just 60,000 soldiers available for action - fewer than Poland or Spain

7,000 soldiers among the 77,467 men and women labelled as 'non-deployable' Another 10,000 men and women are deemed 'medically limited deployable' Deployable force is below that of Spain and Poland, which both have 77,500 UK forces are on deployment on 11 operations including in Iraq and Afghanistan
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British fishing firm can appeal against a controversial decision to hand lucrative fishing licences near the Falkland Islands to foreign rivals

It emerged last week that £75 million of licences were given to foreign firms Companies from Norway, Chile and New Zealand got licences worth £75 million But applications from two British-based companies were rejected
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Argentina buys most U.S. soy in 20 years after drought cuts crop

Argentina, the world’s third biggest soy producer, booked its largest purchase of U.S. soybeans in 20 years on Tuesday after drought cut its harvest, forcing crushers there to turn to imports.
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Argentina central bank holds policy rate at 27.25 pct

Argentina's central bank held its benchmark interest rate at 27.25 percent on Tuesday, the monetary authority said in a statement, noting that high-frequency indicators suggested core inflation would remain high in April, but below March's levels.
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Argentine drought hits farmers hard, undermining economy

Jorge Josifovich is silent and downcast as he walks under the pounding sun in one of Argentina's most fertile agricultural regions, staring at soy crops parched by the country's worst drought in years.
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Hope for Argentine soy recovery dashed by scant weekend rains

Rains expected to relieve Argentina's drought-hit soy and corn crops failed to materialize over the weekend, all but ending hope that yields might recover from four months of unrelenting sun with more heat and dryness expected over the days ahead.
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Prosecutors unite to bolster global fight against slavery

Prosecutors from more than a dozen countries joined forces on Wednesday at a landmark summit aiming to boost the global fight against modern slavery by convicting more criminals and tracing dirty money.

Other nations attending the summit included Argentina, Greece, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands and Sudan - which are source countries for both traffickers and victims, the CPS said.

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Argentina arrests murder fugitive wanted by Interpol

17:53 - Agents with international police force Interpol say they have arrested one of Europe's most-wanted murder fugitives in Argentina.
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Julian Assange gets visit from Pamela Anderson and Nobel Peace Prize winner

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange received another visit from actress Pamela Anderson, a day after launching a legal fight against a UK arrest warrant.
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Argentina's Macri downgrades labor reforms after union pressure

Argentina's government is scaling back and delaying a planned labor reform after pressure from union leaders and a violent protest over changes to pension laws late last year.
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EU holding line against passporting for British banks after Brexit

European Union negotiators see no room for discussion with Britain on maintaining "passport" access to EU financial markets for its banks after Brexit, but they are willing to look at free trade in the sector, diplomats said.
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Grains: U.S. soybean, wheat futures fall on profit taking

U.S. soybean futures fell on Thursday, with traders locking in profits from three straight days of gains after forecasts boosted the prospects for rain in Argentina.
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