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Brazil's President Bolsonaro 'could be preparing a military COUP', his enemies fear as he calls for huge rally of his supporters

18:48 - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro could be preparing a military coup in Brazil, his enemies have warned, as the leader called for huge rallies of his supporters in an attempt to fire up his far-right base.
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Biden says chaotic Kabul withdrawal was a SUCCESS: President says he couldn't start evacuation sooner, hails the 90% of Americans he got out and again blames Trump and local soldiers for the mess

17:01 - President Joe Biden on Tuesday defended his decision to remove the United States from Afghanistan, claimed the evacuation from Kabul was an 'extraordinary success,' pushed the blame on Donald Trump and vowed to bring home every American who wants out.
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Taliban 'cuts off communications' and 'sends hundreds of fighters' to Afghan province to battle resistance forces holding out against the militants

15:38 - The Taliban has cut off the communications network to the Panjshir Province north of the capital where resistance fighters have gathered.
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Taliban BANS all Afghans from leaving the country, BLOCKS road to Kabul airport and orders women to stay at home after issuing new evacuation 'red line' threat to President Biden

15:38 - Taliban spokesman said only foreigners will be able to access Kabul airport. He ordered locals to return to their homes amid the desperate attempts to flee. Zabihullah Mujahid also neither confirmed nor denied secret meeting with CIA. Comes after reports that CIA director William Burns met with Taliban chief Abdul Ghani Baradar to discuss August 31 troop withdrawal.
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Biden calls Boris Johnson to underscore 'close coordination' ahead of Tuesday's G7 meeting as leaders to urge US to extend the August 31 deadline for troop withdrawal

17:12 - The US is set to pull its 6,000 remaining troops by August 31. Number 10 Downing Street said the two leaders discussed the on-going evacuation from the Kabul airport and continuing it even after the 'initial phase'. 'The leaders agreed to continue working together to ensure those who are eligible to leave are able to, including after the initial phase of the evacuation has ended,' Johnson's office said in a readout of the conversation.
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Mixing Russia's Sputnik V, AstraZeneca shots proves safe in small trial -RDIF

Trials mixing a first dose of the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine with AstraZeneca's shot revealed no serious side effects and no subsequent cases of coronavirus among volunteers, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said on Friday.
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FDA expected to authorize Pfizer's Covid vaccine for teens ages 12-15 by next WEEK

19:08 - U.S. regulators are expected green light Pfizer's Covid vaccine to be given to teenagers between ages 12 and 15 as early as the end of this week, officials told the New York Times.
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UK's Covid outbreak continues to shrink with 15,144 more infections and 758 deaths as SAGE says R rate has dropped below 1 for first time since July - and even 'Professor Lockdown' believes this may be the final shutdown

16:01 - Covid cases and deaths are continuing to plummet across Britain, official data revealed today as Number 10's top scientists claimed the R rate has fallen below the crucial level of one for the first time since July and admitted they believe this could be the final lockdown.
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Pfizer's vaccine DOES work against super-covid variants from the UK AND South Africa, study suggests

19:51 - Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine does work against the new variant that emerged in the UK, as well as against the South African variant that scientists have worried might evade shots, new research suggests.
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China BANS BBC World News claiming it is not 'truthful and fair' - a week after Chinese state channel was kicked off Britain's TV screens

17:49 - China has banned BBC World News claiming it is not 'truthful and fair' a week after Beijing's propaganda channel was kicked off British TV screens.
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Oxford and AstraZeneca will make a new Covid vaccine by AUTUMN to tackle mutated variants as coronavirus keeps evolving to escape the immune system

13:36 - Oxford University and AstraZeneca plan to have a new Covid vaccine ready by the autumn to tackle new variants of the coronavirus, they confirmed today.
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Argentina boasts of Falklands victory after Germany asks them - not Britain - for permission to dock at Port Stanley and Lufthansa 'suggests' it recognises the islands as 'Argentine territory'

Argentina has boasted of a diplomatic victory by claiming Germany asked for their permission - not Britain's - for a scientific ship to dock at the Falkland Islands.
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Queen and the Pope lead world leaders in congratulating Biden: EU chief hails 'the moment we've all been waiting for', Merkel welcomes 'new chapter' and France's Macron can't resist a climate change dig at Trump

21:08 - Queen sent a private letter to Biden ahead of inauguration, palace official said. Johnson called Biden's presidency a 'big moment' for the UK-US relationship. Merkel hailed the 'celebration of democracy' following Jan. 6's deadly riot. Macron said 'welcome back to the Paris Agreement' - climate deal quit by Trump.
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Islamic State 'is plotting Christmas terror attacks in UK and Europe' for publication of Prophet Mohammed cartoons in France, ex-MI6 spy warns as Macron announces plans to close 80 'extremist' mosques

19:32 - Islamic State is plotting Christmas terror attacks across Europe, ex-MI6 spy says. Aimen Dean said plots were being hatched by Isis cells in Syria and Libya. Ex-bombmaker said extremists are seeking revenge for Mohammed cartoons.
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Benjamin Netanyahu is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize following recent breakthroughs in relationships between Israel and Arab states

14:50 - Good Friday Agreement lawmaker Lord Trimble nominated the Israeli PM. He also nominated Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Crown Prince. Israel has normalised ties with Gulf states Bahrain and UAE in recent months. There are rumours that Netanyahu even travelled to meet MBS in Saudi Arabia.
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Trump campaign demands a recount as Biden wins Wisconsin and takes a crucial lead in Michigan

14:50 - President claims fraud and that his overnight election lead mysteriously ‘vanished’ thanks to 'surprise ballot dumps'. Joe Biden has won Wisconsin by some 20,000 votes and he is also ahead in Michigan. The Trump campaign is already demanding a recount of votes in Wisconsin. If Biden wins both states and Nevada, which he is expected to on Thursday, or Georgia or North Carolina, he will reach the 270 electoral college votes he needs to win the White House.
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Priti Patel raises UK terror threat level to SEVERE - meaning an attack is highly likely after terrorists struck in France and Austria

15:13 - Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) increased threat level from substantial. It comes after a wave of terrorist attacks in France and Austria in recent weeks. Home Secretary Priti Patel said British public should be in no doubt that the Government will take 'strongest possible action to protect our national security'.
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