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Outrage as M&S RENAMES the Falkland Islands on globe as the 'Malvinas' in 'slap in the face' for British troops who died in 1982 war

The globes has the Argentinian name followed by Falklands Islands in brackets. It also lists the capital city as 'Puerto Argentino' and not Stanley
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Pope to UK: Obey UN resolution to hand over Chagos Islands

Pope Francis said Tuesday that Britain should obey a U.N. resolution and return to Mauritius a disputed Indian Ocean archipelago that hosts the U.S. military base at Diego Garcia.
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Argentines visit fallen soldiers' graves in Falkland Islands

The families of 90 Argentine soldiers killed during the 1982 war with Britain traveled Monday to the Falkland Islands to visit the graves of loved ones who were recently identified under an agreement between both countries.
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Argentine church says it will hand over baptism certificates

The Argentine Catholic Church announced Tuesday that it will hand over to a judge more than 100 certificates from baptisms performed in a chapel at a navy base that served as a clandestine torture center during the country's dictatorship.
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Pope renews call for Jerusalem status quo

Pope Francis has again stressed the importance of preserving the status quo in Jerusalem and urged fresh talks between Israel and Palestinians on a two-state solution, the Vatican said Thursday.
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Argentina details measures to slash government red tape

Argentina's government announced a series of measures on Wednesday to reduce bureaucratic tasks that business-friendly President Mauricio Macri thinks are holding back much-needed investment.
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Pope Francis to face protests in Chile over bishop appointment

Chileans protesting Pope Francis's 2015 appointment of a Roman Catholic bishop accused of protecting an alleged pedophile threaten to cast a shadow over the pontiff's visit to South America next week.
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Pope urges efforts to rebuild trust in North Korea, Syria

Pope Francis urged concerted international efforts Monday to rebuild trust on the Korean peninsula and in Syria, using his annual foreign policy address to demand that political leaders put the dignity of their people before war, profit or power.
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Minnesota, Poland and Argentina compete to host World's Fair

Buenos Aires has offered a 2023 expo on "Creative Industries in Digital Convergence." If approved, it would be the first expo in Latin America under the auspices of the BIE, which began operations in 1931. Several were held in Latin America before then, though.
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UN Security Council to meet Monday on Venezuela crisis

The UN Security Council will hold an informal meeting on Monday called by the United States to discuss the deepening crisis in Venezuela, diplomats said.
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Argentina's reform priorities after midterm elections

Argentines will head to the polls on Sunday for midterm legislative elections that could determine the future of market-friendly President Mauricio Macri's reform agenda. Below are the two-year-old administration's lingering policy priorities.
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Trial begins for former Argentine Vice President Boudouo

Published: 16:44 BST, 3 October 2017 | Updated: 17:29 BST, 3 October 2017 - Former Argentine Vice President Amado Boudou went on trial Tuesday on charges of bribery and conducting business incompatible with public office.
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Pence praises Argentina's economic reforms

Vice President Mike Pence is praising Argentine President Mauricio Macri's "bold reform agenda" during a visit to that country, calling Macri's efforts to transform Argentina's economy an "inspiration."
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Argentina's Fernandez leads Buenos Aires Senate race -poll

Argentina's leftist ex-President Cristina Fernandez leads the candidate for President Mauricio Macri's coalition in the Senate race for politically-crucial Buenos Aires province, a poll showed on Thursday.
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The biggest dinosaur in history: Archaeologists reveal 122ft long PATAGOTITAN would have weighed the same as a Boeing 737 (and it wasn't even fully grown)

Vertebrae and rib bones were among the finds found in the quarry in 2013. Scientists now think the fossils belonged to at least six different titanosaurs. A study suggests the dinosaurs weighed 62 tonnes and measured 122ft (37m). They died in a floodplain region before being preserved in mud
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Dividend cut wipes 6% off Standard Chartered as investors show anger

Power supplier Aggreko has continued to be plagued by its business in Argentina. The company said profits fell to £63m in the six months to the end of June, from £71m a year ago.
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Philip Hammond warmly shakes hands with the Argentine president as he becomes the first Cabinet minister to visit the country in 16 years - but the Chancellor is NOT expected to raise the Falkland Islands in the meeting

Philip Hammond has met with Argentine president Mauricio Macri for trade talks. He is the first Cabinet minister has visited Argentina since Tony Blair in 2001. Chancellor was urged to use the trip to stad up for poeple of Falkland Islands. Tensions have cooled under Mr Macri and his more liberal Falklands stance
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Labour’s Silence

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to speak out against Venezuela’s socialist dystopia es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino