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Falklands fury as Argentina insists on sending flights to islands despite UK objections

13/12 THE FALKLAND Islands have re-emerged as a bone of contention between the UK and Argentina after Buenos Aires pressed for flights from the islands to arrive via Chile.
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Falklands threat erupts as 'aggressive' new minister poised to wreak havoc for UK

27/09 ARGENTINA is stepping up its relentless quest for sovereignty of the Falkland Islands with the appointment of a new hardliner who is widely regarded as being even more "aggressive" than his predecessor, an insider has warned.
Cancillería Daily Express - Reino Unido Malvinas EWAN BOYLE

Falklands fury as Argentine politician takes swipe at UK over 'illegal' port construction

06/09 ARGENTINA's Falkland Islands Secretary has taken aim at the UK for its construction of an "illegal" port in the capital of the archipelago.
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Brexit bonanza to continue as Liz Truss ready to target 'huge' South America deal

16:30 - BREXIT Britain is ready to target a "huge" trade deal with South America, a trade envoy has suggested.
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Falklands row boils over as Argentina says UK 'usurped territory' and 'plundered' wealth

16:18 - ARGENTINA has thrown down the gauntlet over the Falkland Islands after senior Government Minister Daniel Filmus lashed out in a caustic diatribe in which he accused the UK of "usurping" the remote archipelago and "plundering" its wealth.
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Biden tells Putin 'now is the time to de-escalate' at the Ukrainian border and 'refrain from military action' after he closed Kerch Strait to stop all foreign warships from accessing the region

18:37 - President Joe Biden on Thursday warned Vladimir Putin it was time to de-escalate in the Ukraine and reminded his Russian counterpart that U.S. sanctions could have been much worse.
Cancillería Daily Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Marco Giannangeli

Operation Falkland Islands Invasion II as tensions hit fever pitch

BRITISH forces used live ammunition and bombs in a simulation of sudden conflict with Argentina in the Falklands, as tensions continue to escalate between London and Buenos Aires.
Cancillería Daily Express - Reino Unido Malvinas TIM MCNULTY

Falklands plead with Brussels to keep 'status quo' now Brexit done 'EU wants our fish!'

FALKLAND islanders have asked European leaders in Brussels to keep trade flowing between the territory and the European Union in the wake of the Brexit trade deal.
Sr. Canciller Daily Express - Reino Unido Malvinas BILL MCLOUGHLIN

Back off! Argentina warns British army of ‘show of force’ – Rejects military presence

FALKLANDS tensions have once again erupted after the Argentine government "rejected" the presence of British soldiers near the islands.
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Falklands land grab: UK sent warning as South American states rally around Argentina

ARGENTINA has reaffirmed its claim over the Falklands Islands and now the country has gained support from the South American common market of countries such as Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.
Argentina Daily Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Will Kirby

Relatives of killed Falklands War soldiers to return to islands as bodies are identified

RELATIVES of 88 soldiers who died during the Falklands War are set to travel to the islands next month to name the graves of those who lost their lives during the conflict
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Did Royal Navy helicopter chase missing Argentina submarine? MoD responds to shock claim

A ROYAL Navy helicopter chase of a missing Argentine submarine never happened according to the Ministry of Defence responding to claims from a family of the crew.
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Brutality returns to Argentina’s streets as police moves in on peaceful demonstrators

Police brutality has returned Argentina’s streets on a level not seen since the bloody days of Dictator Galtieri’s disgraced military junta.
Argentina Daily Express - Reino Unido Relaciones Bilaterales Aurora Bosotti

Philip Hammond woos Argentina for post-Brexit trade deal but Falklands are OFF the agenda

Philip Hammond travelled to Argentina to start trade talks amidst growing tension over British sovereignty of the Falklands island.
Argentina Daily Express - Reino Unido Malvinas Joe Barnes

Would Corbyn give the Falklands away? Labour leader says he would start the debate in 2013

JEREMY CORBYN hinted he would enter into discussions with Argentina about the ownership of the Falklands Islands before he became Labour Party leader in a 2013 BBC interview.
Argentina Daily Express - Reino Unido Chris Campbell

Falklands politician fears EU nations will help Argentina SNATCH islands after Brexit

Roger Edwards, who flew thousands of miles to speak to the European Union Committee in the House of Lords, said post-Brexit Britain could lose the backing of EU member states over the territory.
Argentina Daily Express - Reino Unido Tom Martin

Ruth Davidson accuses SNP of 'HOSTILE tirades' after honorary Army role

RUTH Davidson today accused the SNP of whipping up “hostile and vitriolic tirades” over her appointment as Honorary Colonel of her former Army regiment.
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