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Pompeo vows to maintain tough U.S. stance on China, but is open to talks

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed a slew of issues lingering over the United States and China, ranging from strained trade relations to national security threats to the upcoming presidential election. Pompeo said the Trump administration is open to talks with Beijing. Yet he added that the U.S. would maintain its tough stance.
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Latin America will see ‘record-breaking contraction’ as the coronavirus shatters their economies, Goldman says

As Latin America continues to battle the coronavirus outbreak, some economies in the region could see a “record-breaking contraction” not seen since World War II, according to investment bank Goldman Sachs.
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Trump evacuated from briefing room due to shooting outside White House premises

18:53 - President Donald Trump was abruptly evacuated from a press briefing on coronavirus on Monday evening just minutes after he began speaking following a shooting outside of the White House. “There was an actual shooting, and somebody has been taken to the hospital. I don’t know the condition of the person,” Trump said after he returned to the White House briefing room shortly afterward. “It was the suspect that was shot,” Trump added. He said that no one else was injured, but that it was his understanding that the suspect had been armed.
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Asia stocks decline as China-U.S. tensions weigh on sentiment

Stocks in Asia Pacific were mostly lower on Friday as tensions between Beijing and Washington weighed on investor sentiment.
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Second-quarter GDP plunged by worst-ever 32.9% amid virus-induced shutdown

The U.S. economy suffered its worst period ever in the second quarter, with GDP falling a historic 32.9%. Neither the Great Depression nor the Great Recession nor any other slump over the past two centuries have ever caused such a sharp drain on the economy
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CEO of major Asian bank says ‘a big, big challenge’ is looming for the global economy

Banks could experience “far more damage” to their balance sheets when stimulus measures that are keeping many businesses afloat are rolled back, said Piyush Gupta, group CEO of Singaporean lender DBS.
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Trump signed law slapping sanctions on China for interference in Hong Kong

14/07 - 18:38 - President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he signed legislation to impose sanctions on China in response to its interference with Hong Kong’s autonomy. Trump also said in the White House Rose Garden that he signed an executive order ending the preferential treatment that Hong Kong has long enjoyed. The Trump administration has previously blamed China for the unfolding health crisis caused by the coronavirus, and it has criticized Beijing for its illegal territorial claims in the South China Sea.
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Hundreds arrested in Hong Kong protests, as analysts weigh in on national security law’s impact

About 370 protesters were arrested in Hong Kong on Wednesday — 10 of them were apprehended for breaching the new security law just one day after it took effect. Whether the new law affects Hong Kong’s attractiveness as a leading financial center will depend on the implementation of the legislation, said Tim Summers, a senior fellow at think tank, Chatham House.
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IMF says Asia’s economy will shrink ‘for the first time in living memory’ due to the coronavirus

The International Monetary Fund said Asia’s economy is expected to contract by 1.6% this year — a downgrade from its previous forecast of no growth in April. “Asia cannot be an exception” when the whole world is suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, said Changyong Rhee, director of the Asia and Pacific department at IMF.
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IMF slashes its forecasts for the global economy and warns of soaring debt levels

The Fund also downgraded its GDP forecast for 2021. The IMF cautioned that the forecasts are surrounded with unprecedented uncertainty.
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China’s influence in Southeast Asia is growing — and the U.S. has some catching up to do

The U.S. is playing catch-up to China’s growing political and economic influence in Southeast Asia, and that gap is expected to grow wider in the next decade, according to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
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India wants to be a ‘partner of the global economy’ in its manufacturing push, minister says

India has the resources it needs to become a global electronics manufacturing hub and a competitive partner to the world economy, the country’s technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said.
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Trump administration bans Chinese passenger airlines from flying to U.S.

10:42 - President Donald Trump’s administration is banning Chinese airlines from flying to the United States starting in mid-June as Beijing hasn’t permitted U.S. carriers to resume flights there. Delta and United are seeking to resume flights to China after suspending service earlier this year because of the coronavirus.
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Doctor testing Moderna vaccine says it’s ‘simply mind-boggling’ that injection may be ready in 2020

18:09 - “I am cautiously optimistic” that a Covid-19 vaccine could be ready for distribution by the end of 2020, Emory University medicine professor Dr. Carlos del Rio told CNBC on Friday. His comments echo that of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said earlier that day that the vaccine development timeline is still “intact.” “Trying to think that, a year after a virus has been identified, we will have a vaccine ready to deploy and ready to go into massive distribution, it’s simply mind-boggling to me,” del Rio said.
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The Hill interview: Fauci on why a vaccine by end of year is 'aspirational'

17:06 - The nation's top infectious disease expert said Friday that an aggressive investment into the development and production of a vaccine against the coronavirus might make it possible to distribute millions of doses as the year comes to a close.
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Defense secretary doubles down on aggressive timeline to have coronavirus vaccine ready by the end of the year

15:03 - Secretary of Defense Mark Esper downplayed characterizations made by health officials that a vaccine within the year would be “aspirational.” Last week, President Donald Trump unveiled a federal task force in charge of a $10 billion effort that will help produce and widely distribute a coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020. Esper said he was “completely confident” that the Pentagon will deliver.
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Japan jumps more than 2% as Asia stocks rise ahead of US jobs report

Shares in Asia were higher on Friday, with Japan’s Nikkei 225 gaining more than 2%. The Reserve Bank of Australia on Friday released its statement on monetary policy, where it highlighted that global GDP is “expected to fall sharply in the first half of 2020.”
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Already on borrowed time, Argentina is on the brink of its ninth sovereign default

Argentina is highly likely to slip into default this month, analysts have told CNBC, as the crisis-prone South American country enters a critical period of make-or-break talks with international creditors.
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Moscow and Riyadh are ‘very, very close’ to an oil deal, says Russia’s sovereign wealth fund chief

The deal will bring “so much important stability to the market” and the two sides are “very close,” said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF. A virtual meeting between OPEC and its allies was scheduled to happen on Monday, but is now “likely” to take place on Thursday instead, sources told CNBC.
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European Union will close external borders for 30 days to slow coronavirus pandemic

17/03 - 16:04 - Leaders of European Union countries have agreed to close the EU’s external borders for 30 days in a new effort to slow the coronavirus pandemic. Movement within European Union member nations will be still be allowed. On Monday, Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, said he was closing his nation’s borders to foreigners, with the major exception of U.S. citizens. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino